How Often Should You Please Yourself?

How Often Should You Please Yourself?

Is Too Much Self-Pleasure Unhealthy?

MOAN! Yep, many of us do it. Let’s say it together – masturbate. For some of us, our hand is preferred over the thrill of sex with partners, hookups, and everyone in between. To be honest, I find the art of pleasuring yourself much safer than sex. Hell, I’ve recently told you I’m one of the worst types of people: A Flaker. Yes, if you’re speaking to me regarding hooking up over a dating app, I’m likely to ditch you for a date with my palm. Come on, you can’t sit there and tell me masturbating doesn’t feel incredible. I definitely find time to perform the act about twice a day. Yeah…twice a day since I’ve been a Freshman in high school could probably fill up my entire one-bedroom apartment! I’m open about my individual sexuality and have encountered friends in my social circle who don’t masturbate at all. It begs the question: Is too much masturbation bad for you?

According to Gayety, you actually should be controlling the amount of times you…ahem, explode- in order to progress your health and sex life! How am I just finding out about this now?! They base this statement off of Taoist – or Chinese – beliefs, which emphasize living in harmony, you know, Yin-Yang. While [safe] sex is important for overall health, apparently those who masturbate too often are losing strength, age-defying hormones, and most obviously, semen. So, am I led to believe the reason I’m a regular masturbator is why I can barely carry a gallon of milk home from the grocery store?!

Allegedly, the longer you hold in your boys will lead to higher testosterone levels and libido. Essentially, if you aren’t masturbating regularly, you’re going to have better sex. Shockingly to me – a 26 year old – not often masturbating even strengthens your brain. Okay, all of this sounds pretty pleasing in itself. I’m sold to accept this challenge. However, studies suggest you should only be masturbating twice a month. What?! I…I don’t know what to think about that! However, I believe I’m going to try this out for a little bit. Wish me some luck!

Do you believe constant masturbating will negatively affect your health and sex life?

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