How Risqué Will Olympic Diver Matthew Mitcham’s OnlyFans Be?

Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham “launched” his OnlyFans account today. Will this be just another muscular man showing things off on the internet? Maybe. Maybe not.

Matthew Mitcham, born on August 2, 1988, in Brisbane, Australia, began diving at age 10, is a former Olympic diver who won gold in the 10 meter platform at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. On top of that, that win, for which he scored 112.10, is still the highest-scoring single dive in Olympic history. But that’s not the only history that Mitcham has made as an athlete. Mitcham came out as gay in 2008 ahead of going to the Olympics. He then became one of the first openly gay men to win an Olympic Gold Medal. He also medaled in Commonwealth Games and World Championships following his great Olympic showing.  He uses his position to advocate for LGBTQ rights and mental health awareness.

Just under three years ago, we shared the happy event when Gay Athlete Matthew Mitcham Married His Boyfriend Luke Rutherford


“Thinking about how lucky my husband is. Currently in Amsterdam basking in the afterglow of the best week of my life,” wrote Matthew. “I’m so lucky to have such a beautiful bunch of family and friends.”

So, now he’s out, retired, and married. What else is a gay man to do?  OnlyFans, of course!  But what will Mitcham post? 


His OnlyFans description states:

“For everything that would be banned on Instagram and TikTok. Please don’t expect anything too risqué”

More risqué than this?


Or this?


There’s more like the above on his Instagram: @matthewmitcham88 so go take a peek at his cheeks and more there.é

Apparently, Mitcham’s account has been active since November of 2022, but was just looming around the piles of accounts in OnlyFans land without a mention in social media land, until today when he broke the silence on his Twitter account (see at the end of the post).

But he’s now up to a grand total of 45 posts! One of them is captioned “Wood morning, campers.”  Should we pay to see what he is showing? It’s only $10.00 a month.


Let’s wait and see where Matthew takes his OnlyFans account.  Will he use it for good?  Or will he use it for cheeky evil? We’re hoping both.

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