How The Hell Do Gay Men Afford All These Expensive Trips?

A trend I have noticed on social media (particularly Facebook) over the past couple of years is the growing number of gay men I see going on lavish and pricey trips.  And I'm not just talking about doing this once, maybe twice a year.  Essentially they are going at the same rate that most people get paid by their company: bi-weekly, and its leaving me and many others with a huge questions mark in our brains as to how in the hell they can afford them!

To preface this, there is zero jealously here.  Granted, they go on these incredible vacations and I feel that my laptop will explode if I even try to think of booking a flight, but its their world and I'm just seeing it all over social media.  It would be the same 20-30 guys who at one point are at World Pride in Madrid, then getting furry at Bear Week in Provincetown, and then heading out west to San Francisco to kiki with their friends.

Let's do the math here.  I did Bear Week twice, and I'm not much of a drinker.  The first year that I went, I spent about $1,600 total.  This included travel, lodging, food, drinks and a myriad of other things that made the trip fun but my god it was so expensive.  And I'm just one friendly little cub.  From what I understand, the average for what people will spend on a week like that is $3,000.  That's equates to two months rent here in Manhattan (if you are lucky) or a good chunk of your student debt paid off.  So if this is happening twice a month, if not more, how are gay men really affording these things?

Even more so, how do their jobs require them to take so much time off of work to enjoy their vacations?  If I'm coming off as jaded, it's so not the case, its more just the wonderment of how this really is going down.  A while back, I asked the question on my Facebook that said "How the F do all these gay guys afford so many trips???" I tend to ask an assortment of fun questions to keep Facebook upbeat and stuff, but I didn't expect that this would turn into a 133 liked/97 comment thread.  But, I was happy I did, because the answers were plush and diverse with what gay men think about this topic.

Here are some of the responses I received to this question, some of which I will definitely learn from for future travel ideas: 

Sugar daddies.

 "DINK (Dual Income, No Kids)"

1/4 have rich parents. 1/4 have rich boyfriends. 1/4 sell drugs or their bodies. And 1/4 are enormously in debt and plan to die before 40.  Oh, and a couple have well-paying jobs.

I work hard and save up my money . I buy my tickets early and rent a place so it's cheaper. It's not as hard as you think. That's what most of my friends do. They pick events and save up for them.

Easy that many don't want to admit  No spouse, children, obligations nor responsibilities except for themselves for the most part.

Staying with friends, planning ahead to grab good deals on airfare, sharing/dividing expenses, savvy travel planners who know where to book the best deals.

Some use their credit cards too freely. They don't save. So when they lose a job or approach retirement (something some don't want to contemplate, because getting older is so frowned upon!), they're in trouble.

Or be like me and learn to travel cheap like the time I stayed at a resort in Orlando for 10 days for $335 and flew there for $129. 

Their clients pay for it then they ditch them when they arrive.

I saved for 8 months for my current trip. I was also a homebody during that time lol.

We skip the guac at Chipotle – kiddin!

So outside of the guys who travel as they are in the entertainment business (DJ's, dancers, etc), what do you think is the best answer for this?  


What do you think?