How This Former Couple Came Together to Create a Sinfully Delicious New Brand

Credit: Rich Ferreira/Gabe Zichermann

I’ve always been one to preach about supporting small businesses, especially if they are gay-owned. The time to show them some much-needed love is more important than ever due to the COVID world we are living in and what this pandemic has done to affect said companies. 

So its extra fabulous when something wonderful can happen from a business perspective amid all the negativity that has encompassed us over the past several months. Today we are highlighting former couple Rich Ferreira and Gabe Zichermann who just created the delicious Two Spoons Creamery.


I love any kinds of sweet treats given that I’ve been a card-carrying bear for almost two decades at this point. Two Spoons allows you to indulge in your ice cream fantasies but does so with a keto twist. Keto has become one of the most popular diets over the past couple of years with celebrities like Vinny Guadagnino and Halle Berry swearing by it as part of their overall health & wellness regiment. 

Rich and Gabe chatted with me about their brand including its beginnings, how it differentiates from the others that are out there right now, favorite flavors and much more.

Credit: Rich Ferreira/Gabe Zichermann

How did the concept of Two Spoons Creamery begin?


Rich: Ice cream is my favorite food. When I went keto I was very aware that I needed good ice cream options if I was going to be successful on this diet. So I tried different brands that marketed themselves as keto or low carb but I thought they were unacceptable and i knew it would only be a matter of time before I fell off the wagon.  So I started experimenting with the goal of creating ice cream that’s as good as the full sugar stuff I was eating at the time. Nearly two years, and hundreds of test pints later, I had the formula that makes Two Spoons what it is: the first truly super premium, low-carb, no compromise ice cream.

Gabe: I’m not on keto, but am a hardcore foodie. Rich started sharing his experiments with me and our friends over dinner parties, and I noticed that many were in disbelief that it was low carb. I felt the same way, and as Rich and I talked about his vision for a no compromise food future, I realized I wanted to help make that a reality. My experience as a startup founder has taught me that when you find a great product, you need to bring it to the world, and Two Spoons is a great product that I happily eat because it helps me reduce my sugar consumption, and tastes amazing. 

Keto has been a trendy diet made popular by a variety of celebs which can cause some to think its pretentious. How do you battle that thought process with your brand?

Rich: I believe that celebrity diet tie-ins contribute positively to the visibility of keto, which is getting a lot of airtime right now because it’s highly effective if you stick to it. Naturally, having started Two Spoons in LA, some of our earliest customers are highly visible celebrities, but the true test is that they keep ordering, eating and sharing the ice cream we make. 


Gabe: I agree that keto is a trendy diet, and trends definitely come and go. But long term, I think we’re all becoming aware of the danger of consuming too much sugar. Diabetes is the single biggest health cost in America, and overconsumption of sugar has other lasting effects, even if you never become diabetic. Any option that helps me reduce my sugar intake without compromising the flavor, texture or experience, is a long-term trend that I think is here to stay. 

Credit: Rich Ferreira/Gabe Zichermann

There are a ton of luscious flavors available on your website. How are all of these concoctions made for the public to enjoy?

Rich: Making ice cream is a creative outlet. What I love most is dreaming up these ideas, bringing them to life and seeing how happy they make people. Every month we release a new flavor that’s available for a limited time, and is offered alongside an assortment of popular flavors, such as Caramel Swirl, Pecan Delight and Coffee Toffee. It can take months to develop, test and perfect a new flavor – so it’s a continuous process that never really stops. 


Gabe: As a startup ice cream brand launching in the middle of a pandemic, we thought it was important to make sure everyone can get Two Spoons. So we built a simple website where folks can order directly and have it delivered. If you’re in the local LA area, we offer a direct pickup and delivery service as well. 

Do you have a personal favorite that you like to indulge in every once in a while?

Rich: For me that’s impossible to answer. I’ve been known to eat ice cream at all hours of the day, including breakfast. So I just let my mood guide me. If I’m feeling super decadent, I’ll choose Pecan Delight or Coffee Toffee. Vanilla’s great in a protein shake – or with my morning cup of coffee. 

Gabe: I love testing our specialty flavors each month. I’m partial to Fun Size (peanut, chocolate, caramel and nougat) and Rocky Road (coming soon). 


What’s the most realistic and unrealistic goals you’ve set for yourself in 2021?

Rich: I don’t think that any of our goals are unrealistic. We tend to aim pretty high already and when something seems like a far reach, we don’t back down. My 2021 goal is to develop 15 new flavors, including a dairy-free, keto option. 

Gabe: Our 2021 goal is to have national supermarket distribution and scale Two Spoons to meet demand. 

Credit: Rich Ferreira/Gabe Zichermann

Do you feel an extra sense of pride having this be a gay-owned business?

Rich: I do feel pride in starting a gay-owned business, and what I’m most excited about is being able to invest back in our community, helping other gay entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. 

Gabe: I’ve started 6 companies, and have had gay co-founders for each of them – though none has focused on the LGBTQ market, specifically. I think you always want to grow a business with an unfair competitive advantage. Being a gay entrepreneur gives you a unique perspective and network to draw on. 

Finally what’s the best advice you would give to anyone who is looking to start their own company?


Rich: Be clear about your purpose. The goal is to make great ice cream, but our purpose is to change the perception of healthier food as something that requires compromise before enjoyment. Finally, admit to yourself that you don’t know what you don’t know, and then surround yourself with people who fill in those gaps. 

Gabe: The best time to start is now.

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