How To Kiss Finn In Life Is Strange 2

Finn and Sean / Screenshot. Image via Dontnod & Square Enix

Warning: Spoilers for Life is Strange 2’s Episode 3 found below. We suggest you play the episode first and then return for your second run if you accidentally miss out on the gay romance (like this writer/gaymer did).

Life is Strange 2’s third episode has now arrived and fans of LGBTQ content will be pleased.

The first installment in the anthology video game series, which is released in an episodic fashion, followed childhood friends Max and Chloe as they explored Max’s new time travel powers and a mystery in their town. But on top of that, the series was celebrated for its depiction of an optional romance between the two friends.

When Developing Company Dontnod announced that they’d be creating a second game in the franchise, many wondered if there would be an LGBTQ aspect to it. Unfortunately, the project’s co-director Raoul Barbet gave the following response while talking to Eurogamer:

“We were extremely happy with the reception from the LGBT community for the first game, in the ending, in the way you were working your relationship with Chloe. We really hope with Sean and Daniel, we hope everybody – most of the players – will really love the themes we are dealing with and you’ll have to see what happens over the course of the season… We are here to talk about a lot of different characters. We want to be inclusive and to work in the best way possible to deal with real subjects in a sensible way.”

But thankfully, that non-answer paved the way to the answer we have for you today. Yes! You can pursue a same-sex romance, and it’s a gay male one this time.

Finn & Cassidy

Life is Strange 2 sees brothers Sean and Daniel on a road trip to Mexico. During their journey, they meet traveling souls Cassidy and Finn. The two freighthoppers end up providing Sean and Daniel with a stable job and home before their trip abroad.

While many gamers correctly assumed that Cassidy would be a romance option for teenage character Sean, the recently released Life is Strange: Wastelands revealed that Finn is also an option. And here’s how you can play that romance out.

Finn and Sean / Screenshot. Image via Dontnod & Square Enix

How To Romance Finn

Throughout the episode, the player can have Sean show an interest in Finn. The player has the option of asking Finn about his background and family history, choosing to draw a sketch of Finn instead of Cassidy, agreeing to get a haircut from Finn and stating that Sean is interested boys, and siding with Finn on his end-of-episode plan.

That said, it appears that the most important choice is supporting Finn in his heist. If the player doesn’t do this, he or she will be friendzoned by Finn. But if the player agrees to help Finn and talks to him at the late-night party at the campgrounds, Sean has the option of reciprocating Finn’s feelings and the two characters will share a kiss.

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Will It Last?

Keep in mind, we don’t know how (or if) this relationship will progress in future episodes. With Life is Strange 2 being primarily built on traveling, and the cliffhanger ending of episode 3, the chances of continuing the SeanxFinn relationship are fairly slim. But, the same could be said for the straight romance option.

In the end, those who wished and prayed for a gay male romance option for Sean were well-rewarded with one that’s complex and polarizing. Plus, the scene included some adorable words from Sean about exploring his sexuality (but more on those issues in another article).

We’ll have to live with those accomplishments while we wait to see if the relationship will pour over into new episodes. We have some time to wait, however, as Episode 4 releases on August 22, 2019.

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