How well will a Drag Performer do on American Idol?

I'm excited to see Cherry Lemonade on American Idol!


Portland (Maine) drag queen Cherry Lemonade is set to grace TV screens across America in the coming weeks, but so far the silence is deafening.

It’s an open secret around town that the performer, whose real name is Conor Tubbs, will be a contestant on this season’s edition of the star-making Fox singing competition “American Idol.” The first episodes will air Wednesday and Thursday at 8 p.m. – The Portland Press Herald

 Supposedly she is performing on tonight's episode but there are no guarantees (that tricky Ryan Seacrest!).

When asked to comment about his pending appearance on the show, Tubbs responded briefly by email: “I’m unable to discuss the happenings of ‘American Idol’ until further notice, and same for my friends and my family.

“I’m currently in the dark as to which episodes will feature which contestant, as the production team hasn’t released that info,” he wrote.

The Portland Press Herald



If you cannot wait to see her performance, watch the video below.  But to see if a golden ticket is given, you'll have to watch what the judges say.  To know more about Conor Tubbs / Cherry Lemonade, you can read the full article at The Portland Press Herald.




Will she make it as far as Courtney Act did on Australian Idol?  Should we even compare? Let's watch and see.



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