How Would Repealing Obamacare / ACA Harm The LGBT Community?

Are you on Obamacare?  Is the Affordable Care Act keeping you healthy and alive?  Will its repeal affect you?

I've been fortunate that in the past I have been covered by healthcare from work, paying a little to nothing out of pocket for full coverage. Most of my costs came from dental or vision plans. That was until I was let go when my college eliminated several positions due to a change in funding / student fees. Need to raise funds if you are going to pay employees.

It was not too long ago so I weighed the options of penalties vs paying for Obamacare and was waiting to see if the Republicans were going to gain the White House or not.  Under the Affordable Care Act, I need to have insurance.  Will the republicans get rid of that necessity?  Will they cancel the ACA?  There are too many questions out there.

We love that our Instinct friend Matt Baume creates helpful summative videos to educate us in what the hell is going on. This week Matt attacks the ACA concerns and if it is repealed, how will it affect LGBT citizens currently covered under Obamacare. 





Is Matt right?

How will the repeal of Obamacare affect you ?

Have you waited to buy into the system like me?


h/t: Matt Baume

What do you think?