Want to Work at The Best Places For LGBTQ Equality? Here’s 767 of Them

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The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has released their list of the best places to work for LGBTQ equality in 2021.


Many businesses earned a perfect 100 percent rating which is broken down by each place taking concrete steps “to establish and implement comprehensive policies, benefits and practices that ensure greater equity for LGBTQ workers and their families.”

HRC’s results were quite impressive outside of the 767 businesses that aced their 100 percent rating. 94 percent of Fortune 500 companies (some that participated in the survey while others did not) have gender identity protections enumerated in their nondiscrimination policies. It’s a testament to see how far we’ve come as there was only 3 percent of them in 2002.

Here are other notes from their studies:


91 percent of all CEI (Corporate Equality Index) businesses offer transgender-inclusive health insurance coverage which was at a big fat 0 in 2002. Over 600 of them have also “adopted gender transition guidelines to establish best practices in transgender inclusion for managers and teams”. 

Fourteen of the top twenty Fortune-Ranked companies including Walmart, Amazon & AT&T achieved 100 percent. Berkshire Hathaway, the number four ranked in the world, was on the other end of the spectrum where they only scored a 20. 

78 percent of participants say they provide benefits for both same and different-sex spouses and partners. 

There were a couple of negatives in their findings for LGBTQ in the workplace. 46 percent of the people that make up our community remain closeted at their jobs even though 92 percent of CEI-rated employers offer some sort of practices that support organizational LGBTQ diversity competency. 


Other companies that hit 100 percent include places many of us know and love including Starbucks, Target, Staples and Nordstrom. 

The full list and information about how its put together can be found here.

Sourcing: The Human Rights Campaign. 

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