HRC Issues Coming Out Guide For Bisexual People. Half Of People Who Identify As LGB Identify As Bisexual.

We all can mention news, sports, and political stories about Ts and Ls and Gs, but do we hear much about the Bs? "Half of people who identify as LGB identify as bisexual" was a quote in a recent article from  If this is true, why do we not hear about the Bisexual community as much as we do about the Gays, Lesbians, and Transgenders?  Do Bs just fly under the radar?  Do they really have the same concerns we LGTs do?  Don't most people believe bisexuality is just a transitional phase until LGTs get to the correct side?

The Human Rights Campaign just gave one of the biggest nods to the Bisexual community I have seen in a long time from any group or organization with its release of “A Resource Guide to Coming Out As Bisexual”  

Today, to mark Bisexual Health Awareness Month, HRC Foundation, in partnership with BiNet USA, the Bisexual Organizing Project, and the Bisexual Resource Center, released a guide to help bisexual people of all ages who are contemplating the important step of coming out.

“A Resource Guide to Coming Out As Bisexual” features the inspirational words of bisexual people who have come out and found community and fulfillment, as well as advice about the risks and rewards of coming out, and strategies for navigating real life coming out situations – from telling family and friends, to assessing whether a workplace would be supportive and safe.

The guide also provides advice for healthcare and school settings, and for finding an affirming and empowering community. With straightforward guidance, it offers bisexual people tools to help them come out and live life openly when they are secure, able and ready.

“Coming out can be daunting, no matter how you identify, but it can also lead to a more whole and open life, to having more genuine relationships, and to creating a supportive path for future generations,” said Mary Beth Maxwell, HRC Senior Vice President for Programs, Research and Training. “We hope this important resource demystifies the coming out process for bisexual people by providing real life advice for managing the challenges ahead, and can be a resource for allies supporting bisexual friends, family members and others in their community.”

Surveys have shown that bisexual people are the largest group within the LGBT community: half of people who identify as LGB identify as bisexual. Yet bisexuals are far less likely than their gay and lesbian peers to be out, citing stereotypes, skepticism and pressure to “choose” one sexual orientation as reasons for staying in the closet.

“Now that more youth than ever are coming out as bi+ — bisexual, pansexual, queer, and free identifiers –this guide is a crucial tool. It will help bi+ youth know they are seen, appreciated, and supported,” said Kate Estrop and Heather Benjamin, co-presidents of the Bisexual Resource Center’s board.

"This guide is important for our bisexual+ community. Historically, there has been little information or support available outside of our community for those who attracted to more than one gender. This guide will reach a larger audience through HRC's platform, and help individuals accept themselves and live openly. It will also help educate the world on the diversity of the bi+ community and the issues we face," said Lynnette McFadzen, Secretary, BiNet USA Board of Directors.

The Resource Guide for Coming Out As Bisexual is the latest in a series of HRC coming out guides. More resources for bisexual people, including HRC Foundation’s Supporting and Caring for Our Bisexual Youth report, and its report on Health Disparities Among Bisexual People, can be found here. –

Call me self centered, biased, or narrow minded, I kinda forgot about Bisexuals coming out.  Maybe it's because we are bombarded and bombard you with videos of boys, men, and male twins coming to grips with their sexuality.  It also seems many that publicly come out as bisexual end up identifying as an LGT within less than a half a year or so.  Do bisexuals stay in the closet because we as a society or most of us don't believe in them? Because we don't think they are really done being honest with themselves?

I think HRC's “A Resource Guide to Coming Out As Bisexual” is a great idea and something our entire LGBT community needs, but what the bisexual community may need more of are videos like the following.  As mentioned, we share a ton of videos of gay men and boys coming out, but we hardly ever see bisexuals taking to the camera.  Brendan Spah was the last one I remember.  Thanks Brendan and thanks again HRC. 



So Bisexual Instincters … how was your coming out experience? 

Do you think the HRC guide or more public Bi-coming out stories would have helped you?

Do you think you are overlooked by the LGBT community?


2 thoughts on “HRC Issues Coming Out Guide For Bisexual People. Half Of People Who Identify As LGB Identify As Bisexual.”

  1. I think part of the problem

    I think part of the problem is that many men who identify as bisexual seem to be exclusively with men. I don't see as much of this with women although we do have "college lesbians" who later marry men. Men who are with women and have sex on the side with men usually identify as straight or perhaps bi-curious.  In my 53 years I am not sure I've met a true bisexual though I have met quite a few bi men who have never been with a woman, but I know I am just being anecdotal and it could be generational. In the end it's all labels and really should not matter.


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