HRC’s “All God’s Children” Campaign. Your thoughts?

The original intent of this campaign was to address LGBT issues in Mississippi.
All God’s Children is a public education & engagement campaign that aims to strengthen the foundation of public support for LGBT Mississippians, aid in the passage of pro-equality legislation, and bolster efforts to win marriage equality for Mississippi’s LGBT couples.  – HRC.ORG
After watching these videos, it did not appear that they were simply addressing marriage equality, but instead acceptance of LGBT individuals by religious southerners.  It would be interesting to see if the HRC utilizes this approach in other parts of the country.  Watch the videos on the HRC's All God's Children website and let us know your thoughts.
On a personal note … one video on their site (inserted below) struck a chord with me.  I come from a religious family, churchgoers every Sunday, etc. I told my mother I was gay over the phone as I was dealing with my first ever gay breakup and in need of that motherly advice sons look for, no matter what the circumstances.  I remember as the conversation came to a close, I told her, "you can tell dad when you feel the time is right."  After I found out she told him, I asked her his response, if he was upset, and what he said.  She told me he asked her, "what did we do wrong?"  As usual, my mom handled the situation, his doubts, and his questions.  Maybe I should have been to tell him and answer his questions, but whatever she said to him worked and now, I think, I know my dad and I are closer than ever.  Thanks mom, as always.  They are still religious and still attend their Roman Catholic services every weekend.

What do you think?