Huggable Will Ontiveros is Instinct Hottie of the Week

If you follow Will Ontiveros, you know that body positivity is the standard for this TV personality and entertainer. That’s because the 32-year-old Roswell, New Mexico native now lives in Los Angeles, the center of the universe for perfection. But Ontiveros does not claim to be perfect, rather he likens himself a work in progress, always striving to be the best version of himself possible. You may recognize Ontiveros from his appearances on E!, MTV, and Netflix, or you may even follow his adventures on Instagram as a developing muscle bear.

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Ontiveros’ charm and furry good looks, make him this week’s Instinct Hottie.


Let’s get to know Will Ontiveros:

INSTINCT: How did you get involved in television and entertainment?

WILL ONTIVEROS: When I was 16 I was a part of an MTV show called My Super Sweet 16. I remember having cameras around me and seeing how people around me reacted to all the excitement. All the attention was on where the cameras were and I knew I wanted to be a part of that type of captivating energy forever. I grew up in a small town and had to hide my personality out of fear of being bullied for being gay. TV was my way out and I chased it. 



INSTINCT: What inspires you?

WO: People who are passionate really inspire me. Whether it is someone who does graffiti, is a writer, director, an artist, or something more conventional like a nurse. If I see someone is passionate about what they do it inspires me to have more fire and love for what I do. If we want to be cornier, my mother who is a very passionate person also inspires me. Her kindness and loving energy to all also inspires me to just be a better person in general. 



INSTINCT: What’s something about you that most people wouldn’t know?


WO: I am naturally a very extroverted person and charismatic, but I love to be a homebody when I can. I am an excellent cook and prefer a night in cooking with a glass of wine and a good movie than being social. I am a secret introvert that loves movies, video games, and geeky/nerdy things in my downtime. 



INSTINCT: What brings you joy?

WO: Getting real here:  If I was asked this question five months ago I would have said my partner and my dog. We recently separated and finding out what brings me joy now has actually been a struggle but I can say I find joy in discovering deeper parts of myself and spending time getting to know myself better. CORNY but true. 

INSTINCT: What do you think is the most attractive part about yourself?

WO: I would like to say the most attractive part about myself is my sense of humor and my loveable personality. My whole life I was able to make friends quickly and make people around me feel comfortable and laugh. I think life shouldn’t be taken that seriously and if you aren’t laughing and enjoying yourself what is the point? I have always been able to have amazing people in my life based on that principle. 



INSTINCT: What do you find you are complimented on the most?


WO: Bringing it back to what I think is most attractive about me is my sense of humor. Professionally and personally I hear that I am funny and I am really proud that I can bring joy to others. Vainly I also get complimented on my build. I am a beefy hairy man and there are definitely those who love a good bear. I am also Latino so was blessed with a booty. Thanks, mom. 

INSTINCT: What, to you, defines sexy?


WO: Without a doubt, confidence is the sexiest thing on anyone. If you walk into a room and know who you are and your worth, people can read that off of you and instantly be more attracted to you than someone who is more conventionally attractive. I pay attention to how people carry themselves, how they speak, and their overall confidence. I think as gay men we had to really fight for confidence at a young age and some of us have mastered the art of being strong within ourselves. Although confidence is something we have to work on every day I believe there is always a constant level you can carry around with you if you know who you are fully and are proud of that.

INSTINCT: What is your proudest moment in your life thus far?

WO: I grew up in a small rural town in New Mexico that was not the most open-minded when it came to people who are “different.” I had a stereotypical growing up in elementary and middle school being bullied for being gay. I always had bigger dreams than my peers and getting out of that town and working with big networks, celebrities, and shows now as an adult reminds me of where I came from and how hard I fought for the life I always wanted. I am really proud of myself for chasing my dreams and living in them today. Every new show I produce is a proud moment for me. 


INSTINCT: What haven’t you accomplished, personally or professionally, that you are wanting to do in the next 2-3 years?

WO: Personally, I would love to be able to own property here in L.A. I think that has been a dream of mine since I moved here. A lot of work has to go into that but I believe in manifesting your dreams and I know it’s possible. Professionally I would love to be at a point where I am show-running unscripted shows and traveling the world with work. Although I do love working on what some would call “trashy reality TV” I want to also work on compelling shows with story-driven heartfelt narratives especially in a queer space. I think my ultimate professional goal would to be working with more queer people and telling their stories. 

INSTINCT: Have you found love? If so, what is the best part of your relationship and what do you love most in your partner(s)? If not, what do you look for in the ideal relationship? Or are you not looking?

WO: I recently separated from my partner of 4 years so right now I am just working on myself and focusing on my career. I think after a long-term relationship ends it is important to work on yourself before getting into something else. Although I am not healed fully I am a die-hard hopeless romantic and know there is someone out there for me. In the meantime, cute boys are only for the weekends. 


Rapid fire question time: 

  • What is your all-time favorite movie?
    • 28 Days Later
  • Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
    • Chris Pratt 
  • What is your favorite cheat meal or snack?
    • Mac n Cheese 
  • If you were stuck on an island for eternity, what music album would you want to have with you?
    • Above and Beyond – Tri State 

INSTINCT: What does it mean to be featured as our Instinct Hottie?


WO: Being asked to be featured on any platform that is queer-based is such an honor, but a bigger honor when you add the word hottie! As a gay man who produces TV, I always want to find opportunities to work with queer people and tell their stories so having the opportunity to share mine is a big honor. I think it is important for LGBTQ+ people to have outlets to share their lives and think it is amazing Instinct is doing that. I am grateful for this opportunity to share mine! 


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