Hugh Jackman Reminisces on His Intimate Moment with Matt Damon

Hugh Jackman went down memory lane in his recent interview with Variety, and he shared the story of how he found himself getting intimate with Matt Damon on a Broadway stage.


The 54-year-old Australian actor is currently starring in the Broadway show ‘The Music Man,’ and he reminisced on his Broadway stage debut in ‘The Boy From Oz,’ which opened in October 2003.

Jackman stated,

“the most fun I ever had was playing Peter Allen.”

Portraying the role meant that he was able to do some improvisation in the show’s second act, wherein he would bring audience members on stage and poke fun at them.


“There was, I don’t know, roughly 10 to 12 minutes of every show that was ad-libbed. Once I was 50 or 60 shows in, I felt completely free to do whatever the hell I wanted. I was an a—- at times,” the actor further shared.

He then explained how he ended up giving Matt Damon a lap dance stating,


“I brought up Barbara Walters and Matt Damon, and made Matt Damon give Barbara Walters a lap dance, which turned into me giving Matt Damon a lap dance. And he didn’t punch me.”

Moreover, Jackman also shared his thoughts on reprising his iconic role as Wolverine in the upcoming Marvel movie ‘Deadpool 3.’

“It’s gonna be a blast!,” the actor told People.

He continued by joking,

“We like to call it Wolverine 10. That’s what I like to call it.”


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