Hugh Sheridan Announces A Past Secret Nine Year Marriage

photo via Instagram (@hugh_sheridan)

Actor Hugh Sheridan sure knows how to keep a secret. The Packed to the Rafters star just let it drop that they were married for nine years – to a well-known entertainer. The handsome 37-year-old non-binary Australian told listeners on the Big Talk Show podcast, hosted by Jessica Rowe,

“We were solidly together for about seven and then the last couple we were traveling a lot and it got too hard and, but we’re still very good friends.”


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The Logie Award-winning actor continued to discuss the marriage never naming their husband, ‘”I can’t say their name because they were in the same industry, so. Couldn’t really be specific about that, but I was married. I think privacy is personal and I think most people should be entitled to it.” The Daily Mail reported that 


“Hugh also revealed that they got officially divorced a few years ago. It comes after Hugh announced their split from fiancĂ© Kurt Roberts, 29, in a heart-wrenching post.”



On their recent breakup, the House Husbands actor described the relationship with ex-fiance Kurt Roberts, “We put in our all, we tried everything we could, we’re both broken that we weren’t able to fix what we had. ‘Our union was something so special. I wanted to share some of our amazing moments together.”

Sheridan still has a positive outlook on love and their future, “I’ve gotta get married a few more times. There’s plenty more engagements to come, and I am definitely single. I can confirm that right now.” How can I get my number to them?

Sources: The Daily Mail


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