Human Ken Doll Reveals Details of His Sex Life

Rodrigo Alves. You've heard of him—the Brazilian man attempting perfection. Trying to get as close as possible to the human version of the Ken Doll (so everyone says). He pushes his limits. He’s had almost 100 procedures and surgeries in order to achieve the artificial look—but many have been risky and even unattainable.



Alves has appeared on dozens of shows talking about his obsession with body modification and his journey toward becoming the Human Ken Doll. He has even gone on record as stating that he would like to have a sex change when he is older.



Now, Alves has opened up about his sex life, a topic that many have wondered about since he is such an intriguing individual. Alves spoke with The Sun about his personal life, mentioning that both men AND women are attracted to him. He also explained that most of the men that approach him are straight men who admire his polished look and feel he looks more put together than any woman.



But has he ever acted on any of these come ons?

Alves described that he is “asexual” telling The Sun:

I don’t really like to be touched, and I am too selfish really for sexual contact. I don’t like to touch other people too much either.

A Ken Doll that doesn’t want to be played with? Now that isn’t true to character.

How did Alves become associated with being a Ken Doll anyway? Here’s his explanation



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