Humongous Twitter Sensation No Longer Hetero …And Ready To Try A Guy

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Most people would agree that sometimes in life we all have a heavy load to bear. And then for others, such as recently suspended Twitter user @hungSlav, the heavy load is an every day — 11 inch, girthy, constant haul.  

Slav recently spoke to the notoriously naughty purveyors of penis over at Cocktails & Cocktalk to confess his recent evolution from straight male to bi-curious. What brought about this change in sexual status, you ask? 


As Slav explains, he, like many, found himself going stir crazy during the pandemic lockdowns. With so much time in isolation and limited outlets for recreation, Slav started a Twitter ( Now deactivated) account to show off photos of his rather large appendage, measuring 22 cm, 8.5 inches, flaccid, and 26cm…

I’ll save you from Googling metric conversions— that’s almost 11 inches when erect! Maybe he should change his name to Slab.

Hung Slav – Twitter / LPSG

According to Slav, it began as a big ol’ gag of sorts, all in good fun to pass the time. He started posting pics and says he just wanted to see what kind of reactions he’d get from across the world when strangers laid eyes upon his abnormal appendage. 


He gained quite a following over a few months. As his popularity grew in size, Slav discovered a majority of his followers were actually gay men, all none too shy to express their interest in his astounding attribute.

But THAT was not the great revelation. Next, Slav began to engage in welcomed correspondence with men from all over the globe, and as he admits, suddenly, he began to question whether or not he was indeed just straight.

Sharing with  Cocktails & Cocktalk his brand new sexual curiosity about the same sex, Slav clarifies, 

“I found a whole new world out there, containing a lot of good-looking, well-hung guys,” he says, adding, “I have been straight all my life … Now I find myself attracted to guys too.”


Maybe there is a correlation between the Covid lockdown and the multiple recent stories of reportedly straight men who suddenly veer into same-sex experimentation with a quarantine friend or roommate. I guess we all have our needs, so in the end, we can quickly become flexible.

Slav now openly self-identities as “bisexual” and has developed an attraction to a particular male type. He explains, “I find myself turned on by younger guys, particularly well-hung young guys, maybe because they remind me of me at their age.”

Hung Slav – Twitter / LPSG

Though Slav has yet to take the deep plunge and experiment sexually with another guy, he admits that he’s wide open to exploring if he “met the right one.” 


Now, before you boys attempt to track down Slav (@Hungslav) in consideration of perhaps being “the right one,” I advise you first to check out a few NSFW photos of what he’s working with … and then decide if it’s worth walking funny and having your organs rearranged. Ouch!


See Slav let it ALL hang our here at (NSFW) Cocktails & Cocktalk 

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