Hundreds of GROWLr Users Get Suspended – Why Did This Happen?

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GROWLr, one of the more popular gay apps to come out of the 2010 decade, suspended hundreds if not all of its users on Monday, February 17, leaving many to wonder why this happened in the first place.

GROWLr users received the pop up above that alerted them that their account had been suspended. Social media imploded shortly after with some joking about the situation with others thinking that the app got hacked.

“Marked UNSAFE from the Great GROWLr outage of 2020,” one wrote while another chimed in with, “Good thing I still have my Bear411 account,” referencing a rival bear page.

“So just randomly got a message saying my Growlr account has been suspended,” another added. “Sent them an email so we’ll see how good their support is. Definitely didn’t do anything that should have resulted in that, so I’m extremely confused.”

Coley Cummiskey, who founded the world’s first gay bear dating application back in 2010, issued a statement on the situation on his Facebook. “Apparently every GROWLr account is currently suspended (including mine). I have no further information. I have contacted the new owners and am awaiting a response. I wish there was more I could do to help everyone out. I sincerely apologize to all the users for the inconvenience.”

GROWLr was sold for $11.8 million dollars last year to a straight social app company called The Meet Group. Their existing portfolio includes MeetMe, Skout, Tagged and LOVOO. It is the group’s first entry into the same-sex market.

“I’m excited to announce the acquisition of Growlr, which provides a meaningful step into the large same-sex dating market and expands the base of users to whom we can deliver our live video product,” said Geoff Cook, the CEO of Meet Group.

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  1. Non mi fa entrare nel mio acaunt diche passuord e Émile errata io non Ho fatto niente e non Ho violato nessuna regola .Cosa devo fare , perfavore

    • Are you sure it just wasn’t after you went to bed? It was like 11pm Central or so when it happened. Mine had been working earlier in the day too, and the next day…but there was a period they weren’t. Itd also possible you didn’t have updated software, if it was a big in it’s updates.


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