Hunky Bear Husbands Team Up For New Home Web Series

It's like our prayers for a real life Brawny paper towel guy have been answered! And there's TWO of them! 


Meet Roger Hazard and Chris Stout-Hazard, the delicious design duo—and husbands—teaming up for a new web series renovating homes called, "Roger That!" 

Here's what the show's website says about the duo:

Roger is TV's original home stager and designer, known for his work on the Emmy-nominated show Sell This House, Move This House, Sell This House: Extreme on A&E. Traditional home staging uses furniture, paint and accessories to create maximum visual impact and desirability in the home selling process. Hazard found that many of his fans were applying his techniques to homes where they currently live. The show features amazing home transformations and plenty of tips and tricks for viewers who want to "stage and stay."

Packed with design theory, hot color combinations, and projects that you can tackle at home, Roger That! takes you into Roger's thought process as he develops a plan for each home. By carefully studying how people live in their homes and analyzing the colors and styles they gravitate towards, Roger assembles designs that maximize impact without breaking the bank. Combining the furniture and accessories they may already own in unique new ways, while pairing them with bold design choices, Roger and Chris work together to give homeowners the look they've wanted but weren't quite able to obtain on their own.

Watch the first two episodes that stream on below:





And just because we're seriously crushing on Chris Stout-Hazard, here's a bonus video of him being adorable:




These two bring to mind our new favorite phrase, "No fur, no grrr!"

All eye-candy aside, these guys are knowledgeable and provide great ideas that even feel achievable by our very home design challenged self. Congrats on the new show, fellas! 

Will you be tuning in and implementing their design and renovation tips, Instincters?


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9 thoughts on “Hunky Bear Husbands Team Up For New Home Web Series”

  1. i really enjoyed Roger on Sell this House – I do miss him always tho he was funny!! will have to check out the new show though! Good luck!

  2. I am very happy for you two.

    I am very happy for you two. I am in my 24th year with my husband. May I ask a question? How and when (what age) did you get started? I love design, and have a real talent for it. I don't have a "Paper" and in Alberta that seems more important than actual talent. As I approach 50 I find myself at the point of giving up. Please any advise is appreciated. Love your design, cheers Ya-All ​Wes

  3. His design style is low end

    His design style is low end and now he's got his hubby involved.  Two roid taking queens hosting a design show…how appropriate.

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  5. A design show without the

    A design show without the fake drama… gotta love it! My only concern is if the house is small would Roger and Chris be able to fit in the same room at the same time? Stay tuned!

  6. Thanks so much for the nice

    Thanks so much for the nice write-up…you're flattering us. And, yes, we're sure y'all can tackle some of these design projects!

  7. I’m giggling like a little

    I'm giggling like a little schoolboy. I want to see the show, will do as soon as I get off the clock.

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