Hunky Brian Sims Tells GOP Lawmaker To Stop Spinning “Bold-Faced Lies”

Woofy Brian Sims of Pennsylvania does not suffer fools gladly.

It all began when Marsha Blackburn, the Tennessee Republican who was recently elected to the U.S. Senate, took to Twitter to blame Democrats for the shutdown of several federal departments and agencies.

"I am disappointed to see that the Senate Democrats chose to shut down our government instead of secure our southern border," wrote Blackburn on Saturday. "The American people deserve to be protected against drug cartels and human traffickers."

As has been widely reported, the current government shutdown occurred because Donald Trump reneged on an agreed upon bipartisan plan to fund the government until February. 

But when far-right political pundits like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter criticized Trump for not getting $5 billion to fund the beginning of his infamous wall along the Mexican border, he reversed course demanding his ‘wall money.’

In a meeting ten days before the shutdown, Trump even told Democratic leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer that he would be “proud” to shut down the government.

“I am proud to shut down the government for border security, Chuck," Trump told the Democrats in a televised meeting in the Oval Office. “Because the people of this country don’t want criminals and people who have lots of problems — and drugs — pouring into our country. I will take the mantle. I will be the one to shut it down. I’m not going to blame you for it.”

Sims, the hunky gay Democratic state lawmaker in Pennsylvania, called out Blackburn on Twitter for her "outright lie."

"Marsha, all spin aside, this post is just an outright lie," Sims clarified on Twitter. "It’s no a play on what really happened. It’s a complete fabrication. This is the kind of bold-faced lie that makes people hate politics and politicians. From one elected official to another: Stop Lying. It’s gross."



Blackburn, who has been a Trump toadie for a long time, was merely repeating what her idol has been tweeting since the funding debacle bubbled up last week.

According to The New York Times, the Trump shutdown will likely last into the new year when a new Congress is sworn in and the Democrats take control of the House. 

The shutdown has shuttered the Departments of Homeland Security, Justice, Interior, Agriculture, Housing and more. Some 400,000 federal workers are expected to be furloughed as we head into Christmas.

Our man Sims has never shied away from calling out GOP politicians for lying. 

When anti-LGBTQ Vice President Mike Pence was heading into Philadelphia (Sims’ district) for a visit this past June, Sims ‘welcomed’ the veep with a controversial image giving Pence the finger.



“To be clear, we’re a City of soaring diversity. We believe in the power of all people to live and to contribute: Black, Brown, Queer, Trans, Atheist, Immigrant, we want you and we’ll respect you,” Sims wrote on Facebook.

“So keep that in mind while you’re here raising money to attack more families, spread more lies, blaspheme with your bible, and maybe even talk to a woman without your wife in the room,” he added.

We’ve been fans of the woofy Sims for years. Let’s take a stroll through his Instagram, shall we?





MAY I PLEASE HAVE YOUR VOTE? In the last six years that I’ve had the honor of representing Center City in the House of Representatives, I’ve never once forgotten that this service is a gift given to me by the voters of the 182nd District! Tomorrow is going to be the most important election in a generation. Women’s rights, reproductive rights, racial & ethnic justice, immigration rights, LGBTQ rights and the hopes and dreams of a nation depend on how we step up and show up. As you’re making your plans tonight to vote, reading about the candidates, talking to friends & family, I ask and hope that you’ll consider casting your vote to re-elect me and I promise that I will continue to fight every day for the values we share and the successes this nation deserves! #VOTE #RainbowWave

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Just want to send a big Thank You to #outmagazine for making me one of the OUT 100s …. You Guys Rock !

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  1. I like this guy. He’s part of

    I like this guy. He's part of the new generation of politicians who works for his constituents; and like NYC's Ocascio, he is not afraid to speak truth to liars.In words made immortal by Spock, may he live long and prosper.


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