Hunky Celebs Can’t Get Enough of Mark Wahlberg’s Chiseled Abs

Credit: Mark Wahlberg Instagram

Mark Wahlberg‘s chiseled body is so insane that other hunky celebs have left thirsty comments for him as a result.

The 48-year-old shared an Instagram snap of him from inside the trailer of his upcoming Netflix movie Wonderland on Friday, August 23. 

He left little to the imagination in nothing but a pair of black shorts and socks (and maybe sneakers, but honestly, who cares?)

Mark posted this as part of a 45 day challenge that he’s doing with a popular fitness network. He included the hashtags #cleaneating, #nowine54days, and #ageisjustanumber in reference to his results. 

His enviable bod caught the eye of many people, notably Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady and Extra host Mario Lopez.

“We are looking for some skill players,” Tom, 42, jokingly wrote about him recruiting Mark to the New England Patriots. 

Former Saved by the Bell star Mario, 45. was equally impressed. “Show em what fellas in their 40’s are all about!,” he wrote. “You look awesome bro!!”

Mark has given fans many reasons to swoon over him for nearly 30 years. His physique was just as desirable in the early 90’s during his Marky Mark/Calvin Klein days.

One suggestion this writer would give him, however, is to ditch the beard and keep it nice and clean. This is shocking, given that I usually am pro facial hair, however the shorter look appears much better on him.

Then again, does that opinion REALLY matter? Just keep taking your shirt off Mark. No complaints there.


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