Hunky Justin Theroux Shows off at Vulture Festival NY

Getting to see hunky Justin Theroux in any capacity makes most of us happy, but it gets so much better when he happens to be shirtless. 


Similar to fellow actor Ben Affleck, Justin happens to have a very large tattoo on his back (of a rat), and was asked by an audience member at Vulture Festival NY (for which he was part of a panel on) about it this past weekend. 

“So I had two dogs, both rescues, pit bulls, pit bull mix, and when they died, I dedicated half my back to one and half of my back to the other,” he explained. “So, it’s a picture of a rat, because my dog used to kill rats in Washington Square Park, which is not fun. It was horrible. She was really good at it. I mean, it’s doing a service to New York also. Oh, and then a pigeon. A New York pigeon and a rat.”

The event where he lifted up his shirt was for a live recording of Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness, hosted by the beloved Queer Eye star who also happens to be friends with Justin as well.

Take a look below: 

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