Hunter Doohan Shares How His Ex-Girlfriend Helped Him Come Out

Hunter Doohan is famously known for portraying the character of Tyler Galpin in the Netflix series ‘Wednesday,’ wherein he is playing the love interest of Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega).

In real life though, the 28-year-old actor is married to film producer Fielder Jewett after getting engaged on December 31, 2020. The lovely couple had their wedding this year, and his ‘Your Honor’ co-star Bryan Cranston officiated their ceremony.


In a recent interview, Doohan revealed how his ex-girlfriend and watching the sitcom ‘Will & Grace’ played a huge part in him coming out.

“For me, it was definitely discovering Will & Grace in high school, which my girlfriend at the time introduced me to,” he shared.

The actor then clarified that he is still in touch with the ex-girlfriend in question. In fact, they are now the best of friends. To make it even better, the ex-girlfriend who introduced him to ‘Will & Grace’ is actually named Grace!


When asked if she regretted introducing him to the sitcom, Doohan responded:

“No! Her name is Grace and she’s my best friend now—we actually moved to LA together!”

He continued,

“But that show was definitely the biggest exposure I had had to queer culture up until that point. And I loved it. I don’t even know how I was still ‘in the closet’ because I was getting Will & Grace DVD box sets for Christmas!”


Moving on from his coming out story and onto his dream on-screen “daddy,” the actor revealed:

“I mean, my gut answer is probably still too young to actually be a ‘daddy,’ but I have such a crush on Matt Bomer. But he’s not old at all, so he probably wouldn’t want to be daddy yet, haha. That’s not a sentence I though I’d say today.”


You can watch the hottie that is Hunter Doohan in the comedy-horror series ‘Wednesday,’ which is now available for streaming on Netflix.


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  1. Thank you! Another decent, well-rounded article on a young gay actor that doesn’t fixate on his body. It beats the random twink articles by a thousand fold and is the kind of content Instinct should be doing. I would probably have taken another year or two and this guy being cast in something more significant (I’m not a true crime fan at all but since it appears his scenes with Butler in that Apple TV show are probably only in the first episode, I will likely at least check that out – and never would have, even though I love Butler and think she’s sadly underrated and underused, even with her Oscar win and constant nominations).


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