Hunting Club That Refused Gay Wedding Now Paying For It!


 A Minnesota hunting club that refused to allow a gay couple to marry there has reached a settlement with the grooms–the club is going to pay for the wedding.

Cole Frey, 20, and Adam Block, 18, booked their wedding at LeBlanc’s Rice Creek Hunting and Recreation in February. Then when Frey went to pay a security deposit and sign papers, the venue realized the couple was two men and canceled the booking.

Lawyers got involved, things got ugly, but it's all settled now. The attorney for LeBlanc's said it was just a silly misunderstanding of the law (yeah, right) and that they would pay for the wedding. And we all know why: eating $8,500 for a wedding is a helluva LOT cheaper than a lawsuit you know you're gonna lose.

Of course, the wedding won't be at LeBlanc’s Rice Creek Hunting and Recreation because the boys decided who wants to be around people like that, anyway, especially on your wedding day.  They say they now plan to marry at Camp Ripley Chapel with a reception at a private residence in Little Falls.



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