“I Am Trans And Gay,” Man Fake-Outed To Boss By Jealous, Unhinged Ex

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A young woman in  St. Louis Park, a suburb of Minneapolis, is giving new meaning to the terms a woman scorned and revenge porn. The facts of this story are pretty incredulous, but as is the world today, people are just batshit crazy. Let’s lay out the timeline of what this awful woman did and the steps she took to try and ruin her ex-boyfriend.

The unnamed criminal was arrested on June 17th, 2022 and charged with nonconsensual dissemination of private sexual images. Police confiscated her electronic devices after searching her home.


The details of the alleged crimes are only now coming to light since court documents were filed on Monday, January 9th. The wronged party told police his ex sent “sexually explicit photos” of him to his supervisors with the message,

“I wanted to thank you for the employment and wanted to let everyone know I like transgenders and I am gay. Thank you.”


Revenge porn – check. Fake outing your ex. – check. Sending an email with the intent to get your ex fired with false claims that he is gay and transgender – check. Being such a hateful, homophobic, vile person that you think being gay is something you should be fired for check. If you ask me this guy dodged a bullet breaking up with this “see you next Tuesday” kind of girl.

Thank goodness she is gone, story over… right? Nope, we aren’t done yet, folks. According to Pink News,

“According to court records she was “highly intoxicated and was extremely derogatory toward the LGBTQ community”. The electronic devices showed the woman had used an encrypted email service to send the photos. Police revealed she is also accused of paying for access to websites to gain contact and family information for her ex’s current girlfriend.”

Highly intoxicated – check. Extremely derogatory towards the LGBTQ community – check. Looking for info on ex’s current girlfriend – check. Again, this guy dodged a massive bullet. As the corrupt GOP here in America has been chanting into the void for almost 10 years, LOCK HER UP. 


TheTribune states she was arrested and charged with nonconsensual dissemination of private sexual images, but did not mention time served or a jail sentence, but do you think there should be?  What should the punishment be? An eye for an eye? Should we tell her bosses about her attempts? We’re sure they must know by now.

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Sources: The Pink News  ,  TheTribune 

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  1. If this situation was the other way around, and usually it does, the guy sent explicit photos of his ex girlfriend, we aren’t going to question if he deserves jail time or have his name and face exposed, it already happened.


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