‘I Don’t Understand You’ Goes from Queer Comedy to Demented Horror

Nick Kroll and Andrew Rannells play the role of a gay couple in the queer comedy/horror film ‘I Don’t Understand You’, which is written and directed by David Joseph Craig and Brian Crano.

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Kroll is starring as Dom while Rannells is portraying the character of Cole. The couple, who are expecting to be parents through adoption, is noted to somehow attract the worst of situations. They are also described as someone who anticipates “rejection and homophobia at every turn” because they’re old enough to have been through a time when gay Americans were not allowed to legally get married, adopt, as well as do other things that straight people can, as per Variety.


Dom and Cole go on an anniversary trip to Italy, where they get the news about the baby that they’re trying to adopt. A previous adoption already fell through for them, and now they find out that that current baby is about to be delivered.

However, what was supposed to be a sunny and romantic Italian vacation takes a dark and demented turn when dead bodies start to pile up. Moreover, a synopsis of the film reads:

“Stranded in rural Italy without transportation or language skills, an American couple on the verge of adopting tries to reconnect during a disastrous vacation, as their fears and relationship problems threaten to boil over.”

Not to mention, writer-directors Craig and Crano are a married couple, and ‘I Don’t Understand You’ is reportedly inspired by their “bumpy road to fatherhood.”

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