‘I Enjoyed Our Date Last Week But When You Said The Phrase…’

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We all know dating sucks. Dating sucks so much I don’t even date (that might not be the best course of action, but hey no judgments!) If you don’t date, you can’t get dumped or in the case of a Manchester man, ghosted. And not just ghosted, ghosted for the most ridiculous laugh-out-loud reason ever. Take a look at the tweet. 


Yes, you read that correctly, he was ghosted for using the phrase,

put my thinking cap on

It is writing stories like this that affirms my no dating policy as a solid life choice. I mean we feel for Jacques (flamencolambada), at least he can sleep easy tonight knowing his tweet went viral! He can also spend hours reading all the tweets of support he has received since, over 128k likes, and some 4,400 retweets. Here is a sampling of some of my favorite, 


I mean I think I would rather be ghosted for saying some stupid phrase than for this reason-


As I leave you, can we stop with the ghosting, let’s all just man up and send the uncomfortable, “it was fun, but don’t think we are a match’ text. Some add a little pizazz and humor to the ‘breakup’ text, like this guy,

Sound off in the comments below with the most ridiculous reason you were dumped or ghosted! Happy dating Instincters, have fun out there! 

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