‘I Kissed A Boy’s Dan Harry on His Homophobic Attack Experience

Dan Harry recently opened up about his horrific homophobic attack experience, and nobody batted an eye to help him out.

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“I saw a group of three guys probably in their 20s spot me as I was walking onto the Tube station platform. They followed me onto the platform, surrounded me, and threatened to push me onto the tracks in front of the train, while asking if I was gay and calling me slurs,” the ‘I Kissed A Boy’ star told Attitude about the attack, which took place last year at King’s Cross St. Pancras Tube station in London.


He continued, recalling:

“They were nudging me closer to the edge of the platform as I was trying to just ignore them with my earphones in. As the train was approaching, I ran to the opposite end of the platform and got on the furthest carriage that I could. As the train then departed, and stopped at each stop, I could hear them walking down the platform checking each carriage for where I was. I remember by the third stop they were at my carriage and started shouting slurs at me through the carriage doors.”

Despite the incident happening in a public space, Harry noted that nobody helped him while being verbally abused and threatened by the group of males.

“The carriage I was on was busy with other people, and I will always remember that everyone just stared at me and watched the situation, but no one spoke or said anything, or even asked if I was OK,” he further shared.


The reality star added,

“It was a very scary experience and I will always think about it when I’m standing on a Tube platform.”

After experiencing the homophobic attack firsthand, he decided to partner with Stonewall “to demand change” and help LGBTQ+ individuals to report such incidents. 

“We can’t face this battle alone; rather, we must tackle it together as a community. I want everyone enduring hate crimes to know you’re not alone,” Harry further expressed.

Source: attitude.co.uk

2 thoughts on “‘I Kissed A Boy’s Dan Harry on His Homophobic Attack Experience”

  1. It saddens me that homophobia is becoming more frequent and rampant lately. I remember 10 years ago it was getting better but ever since Trump became president, I’ve seen it get worser. The amount of times I got called f*gg*t to my face or by a passing person because of what I wore or the tone of my voice in the last 7 years is baffling. Stay safe out there and never back down from who you are.

  2. Sad that homophobia’s alive and well still. I hope he along with others can help make a change about attitudes and prejudices against us gay men. A friend of mine recently was attacked simply for being gay. Unfortunately this world can be very hateful.


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