‘I Pegged You As A Bottom’ Brings On New Meaning.

Apparently there's a new word for what us gay men have been doing for quite some time.  Is pegging the more heterosexually acceptable word for bottoming? Straight couples are joining the world where men are getting penetrated, but in order for them to be comfortable with the activity, a new name for the butt pleasure game had to come about.

Cosmopolitan.com shared with us an interview with three men that have been pegged. Are they peggers with their female partners being called peggies? Damn, now I am picturing Peg Bundy with a strap on.


Despite pegging's recent surge in pop culture, in part thanks to Broad City, the act is still relatively taboo. Is it because people mistakenly assume that straight guys wouldn't be into being penetrated by their partner wearing a strap-on? Or perhaps because it's still relatively new to many people's menu of sex acts? Who knows. In this week's Sex Talk Realness, Cosmopolitan.com spoke with three men about what it's like to love being pegged by women and our culture's assumption of what that means about them. 

How old are you?

Man A: Twenty-five.

Man B: Twenty-seven.

Man C: Twenty-one.

What is your current relationship status?

Man A: Committed to my girlfriend of three years. 

Man B: Married.

Man C: Single. 

How often do you have sex?

Man A: One to two times a week.

Man B: Five to six times a week. 

Man C: I currently have sex every two to three weeks.

How and when did you first get into pegging? 

Man A: Porn. I was around 18 years old and had come across a pegging video, and after a few months, I decided to try and penetrate myself. 

Man B: Masturbation play led to me being curious about anal play around age 18. Once I discovered how good I could feel through anal play, it was inevitable. I started with butt plugs and slowly graduated to bigger ones, then vibrators, then dildos. Suction cup dildos are probably the best sex invention ever, but they left me wanting a real person behind it, which led to pegging. 

Man C: I first heard about pegging when I was 19 via a BDSM-themed Reddit post. I was curious and I wanted to at least try it. 

What do you love the most about pegging? – cosmopolitan.com

We know what we like and dislike about getting pegged.  To hear what these men have to say about it, head over to cosmopolitan.com.  They answer other questions like:

The first time you pegged, who suggested it: you, or your partner?

How did she react?

What do you think is the best way to bring up the idea of pegging to new partners?

What is the best response you've ever gotten when you asked a woman to peg you? What about the worst?

How often do you incorporate pegging into your usual sex play with your current partner? With past partners?

Was there anything that surprised you initially about pegging? Or still surprises you now? 

Are there specific moves or positions you like most (or least)?

What do you think the biggest misconception is about guys who love pegging?

Man A: That they're secretly gay. It's absurd to try and classify it that way. 

Man B: I'd say there are two. The first being that it makes you gay. I don't know where this came from, but it just doesn't make sense. To anyone that says this, I say, "Enjoy your mediocre, boring orgasms for the rest of your life." The second would be that it's dirty. Anal play is anal play. We all know what goes on back there and accidents happen. But so long as precautions are taken (watching what you eat prior to playing, staying regular, eating healthy in general, and doing a quick clean beforehand), they can be avoided. And even if were to have one, we're adults and shit happens. Get over it.

Man C: The biggest misconception is definitely that liking pegging makes a man gay or unmanly.

What advice would you give to men who want to try pegging? Women?

Man A: This goes for both sexes: Be honest and be open. You can't say you don't like something you haven't tried. Also use lots of lube. if you think it's too much, you're probably wrong, because if you're new, you need lube. 

Man B: Do it. If you want to try it, try it. Talk to your partner and if they're not open, that's OK. Don't force them. If it's a healthy relationship, things will work out. If you're single, join a fetish or BDSM community. I can guarantee there's someone in your area who's willing to try it, or already likes it. The point is, why would you deny yourself pleasure just because society says it's weird or taboo? That's just silly.

Man C: My advice to both genders would be to take it very slow at first and communicate openly during it to prevent too much discomfort.   – cosmopolitan.com

I think it's great that men are being open about their back door pleasures.  Life is too short to not try everything a couple of times. But I'm going to stay a gold star gay, sorry mom and dad. I ain't gonna try that.  But if there are any straight men needing pegging, just let me know.



h/t:  cosmopolitan.com

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