I Survived Market Days And All I Got Was A Wicked Hangover

As reported last week, Market Days happened this last weekend in Chicago. Dubbed the largest street festival in the Midwest, it really was just that.

All through summer everyone had been hyping up Market Days. I was told it was “bigger than Pride” and I “wouldn’t be disappointed.”

Suffice it to say, I wasn’t disappointed. Unlike other events in Boystown, this took up multiple blocks and had so many vendors to choose from. People were packing the streets and the energy was palpable. With various music stages, it was easy to hear great music and dance at all times. Boys were decked out in costumes and everyone was being their gay, fabulous self. After a while it was hard to count the number of jock straps on display.

With everyone selling alcohol, it was hard to keep up with the three to four drinks that I always seemed to be holding. Still not sure who bought most of them, but I was more than happy to guzzle them down. And while not limited to just beer, as most street festivals are known to be, there was plenty of sangria to keep away the summer heat.

I got to see Steve Grand perform, who is always fun to watch.  He was crooning in his staple black jeans, white T-shirt, and black suspenders. Muscles still clearly show, as should be expected.  There were a lot of local acts and plenty of drag queens to see, as well. One of my favorite acts was Chicago local, Michael McBride and Friends.  Naysha Lopez was also hosting the drag show and she is hilarious as always. I didn’t make it to the big event with RPDR Queens, but I still had fun nonetheless.

Steamworks, the local bathhouse, even had a stage with some cheeky fun for the audience. There were plenty of vendors with scantily clad men working to draw you in and then hopefully into their business establishment as well.

While the bars were packed out, it didn’t take that long to wait in line to get in. With plenty to choose from the lines were moving a lot faster than they have at other events. It made it easier to grab a drink and hit the dance floor. My feet are still recovering if anyone is wondering.

I ran into plenty of friends and people I hadn’t seen in a while. It was a pleasure seeing the amount of people to flock to Chicago for the event. Grindr, Tinder, and every other app was also blowing up. It almost felt like this magical fairy land, where all your dreams could come true.

Sunday was a little rough for me. I may have gone quite hard on Saturday, but the fun, the dancing, the drinks were not regretted. Brunch helped everyone rally before we hit up the patios for Sunday Funday. The day was too beautiful to sit inside, and with plenty of Froze to go around, there was plenty of trouble to get into.

My bank account may have taken a hit, but the fun, friends, and memories will not soon be forgotten. Hopefully I’ll see you around next year.


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