I Want Paul Mescal, Legs and All!

Photo Credit: @paulmescalpics on Instagram, Gucci

Oscar Nominee. Primetime Emmy Nominee. BAFTA Winner… Best Pair of Legs?

Paul Mescal, age 27, is enjoying a whirlwind three years. He went from renowned theatre actor to leading man in a drama with Normal People. His next movie, All of Us Strangers, is due for release worldwide in December – and sees him co-starring as a gay man falling for his neighbor. 


The Irish hottie is also a tabloid fixation due to his short shorts that show off his muscular legs and thighs. Routinely Paul sets social media on fire with snaps of his biggest assets. However, if one tabloid snap is indication of what Mr. Mescal looks like shirtless, well, it’s truly a hard decision to nail-down what makes him the most enviable. 

Let’s take a look!


And here’s exhibit B, his most recent short shorts snap in its full glory.

Although Paul Mescal has played a number of gay characters in cinema, he’s straight. According to Pink News, he is an ally to the LGBT community and that makes me like him so much more. 


The source also confirms that you can buy his favorite brand of shorts, O’Neills, by shopping here

Remember, Paul co-stars in All of Us Strangers – premiering on December 22, 2023!

Source: Pink News, O’Neils


2 thoughts on “I Want Paul Mescal, Legs and All!”

  1. I appreciate it when an actor says whether or not he’s gay, when playing gay characters. Because I can’t stand when they play it up for gay fans when in reality they’re straight it’s a mind fuck to their gay fans, anyway sorry for ranting just happy he’s not gay baiting. I wish more celebrities would stop gay baiting as well.

    • They are actors – they don’t have the obligation to fulfill your fantasies. There is NO obligation for an actor to out themselves. The coerced outing of actors such as Kit Connor (Heartstopper) is sickening and cruel. No one, least of all actors who are doing a job telling a story, should be subjected to forced outing.


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