Icon Male Settles 3-Year Suit On Filming In Woman’s Home

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The lawsuit between Icon Male and Massachusetts homeowner Leah Bassett is finally over.

According to Str8UpGayPorn (site NSFW), the three-year lawsuit has recently ended in a settlement. Though, the details on the said settlement have not been disclosed to the public. What we do know is that all parties met for an alternative dispute resolution via video conference.


Back in 2018, we reported to you that Bassett was suing porn conglomerate Mile High Media for shooting pornography inside her Martha’s Vineyard home. Bassett had rented out the house for several months between 2014 and 2015 to a man named Joshua Spafford. But according to the Blast, Spafford was just a front. In reality, Nica Noelle, owner of Mile High Media, was the real renter. Unbeknownst to Bassett at the time, Noelle’s use of the space was to film several porn videos including some gay porn for Icon Male. While there were dozens of videos filmed, many of which are still unknown, we do know that Schoolboy Fantasies 2 and His Son’s Best Friend Volume 1 were among them.

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After the rental ended, Bassett noticed that the space suffered around $16K worth of damages. But that wasn’t the only problem. To Bassett, the bigger issue came toward the end of the rental. The lawsuit states that the renter promised the house wouldn’t be used for commercial purposes. In addition, Noelle did not get the proper film permits and violated city zoning laws. Yet toward the end of the rental period, porn performer Billy Santoro contacted a local newspaper about porn being illegally shot at the home.

It seems Bassett has previously been accused of abusive behavior and creating unsafe working conditions, so Santoro may have gone to the press as a revenge tactic. That then led to Bassett being alerted to the porn. In the end, Bassett sued Nica Noelle, Mile High Media, and Icon Male. In the original demand letter, Bassett gave Nica Noelle and the adult film companies the option of settling the case for $3,000,000. But, we are unsure if that ended up being the final agreed price.

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  1. Billy Santoro is a complete scumbag, no surprise at all that he was involved. Santoro is a complete piece of shit that shouted out a ton of horrible racist shit and got caught and fired from every porn company and expelled from the gay community. What’s worse is he faked a suicide, lied about it and got caught. Fuck him and hopefully a building falls on him.


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