Icona Pop Jumps Back Into Our Ears And It Is No Mistake

Who has made people across the world jump up and down on the dance floor yelling I DON’T CARE!?!   Chart-topping Icona Pop has risen in the ranks as one of the most successful international pop duos in music thanks to their first triple-platinum hit single “I Love It” featuring Charli XCX. You can see the duo’s (Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo’s) popularity in the numbers.  “I Love It” alone has sold over 8 million singles and has been streamed over 400 million times worldwide. Here’s the top cities not caring and loving at the same time Icona Pop.

Where people listen to Icona Pop (Spotify statistics only)

    • Mexico City, MX  –  146,519 monthly listeners

    • Stockholm, SE  –  121,650 monthly listeners

    • Oslo, NO  –  88,368 monthly listeners

    • Chicago, US  –  74,710 monthly listeners

    • São Paulo, BR  –  72,469 monthly listeners

Before we get to their new release, let’s gather up some of their other hits.

I Love It – Why does this song always get me in a good mood? ‘cuz “I Love It!”

Girls Girls – The Swedish electropop act’s single “Girls Girls” (co-written with their close friend Tove Lo) bounces with the familiar energy that we have come to expect from Icona Pop.  I love this live version of the song as we get to not only see the hot musicians, we also see the rainbow flags flying high and in the crowd.  Icona Pop does have a great LGBTQ+ following, us included!

Weekend – Another recent collaboration with Chicago duo Louis The Child, “Weekend” did well on the regular charts, but boasts an iTunes Dance Top 10, 4.5 Million streams in the US and a live Coachella performance.  We’re not going to show you any of those, but instead this video we found with this cutie showing his moves to “Weekend.”

Emergency – Another song I’ve personally enjoyed was their “Emergency” with the sampling of the 1992 song I’m Falling Too by Club House.

Some of their other hits you may know that also get the blood pumping are “All Night” and “We Got The World.”

But how about that new music!

Today Icona Pop releases their new single “Next Mistake.” Here is what the ladies have to say about this new single.

“Next Mistake” is about all those bad choices you made that was worth it, about all those mistakes in your life that make you human. How this loop keeps going on and on and you are perfectly fine with it.

We’re going to get some time in the future with Icona Pop, but for now here’s the link to their Spotify page where “Next Mistake” is making its debut.  This link will get you directly to “Next Mistake.” 

Let us know what you think of the new song! 

Icona Pop Official Web Page




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