Iconic Gay Strip Club Adonis Lounge Throws Major Anniversary Celebration

The M4M (Male 4 Male) experience in big cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles seems to be a dying breed. Take for instance Nob Hill Theatre, which just closed its doors over the summer after more than four decades of pleasing hundreds of audiences with their over the top and iconic stage performances. 

One place that is going in the opposite direction of that (and thriving, mind you) is the legendary Adonis Lounge in Manhattan.

Adonis Lounge has changed locations several times, thrown a variety of parties and has had its smoking men make appearances at some of the biggest gay events in the world since it humbly began in Brooklyn many moons ago.

The concept of it is simple: for the patrons who attend their events to have a damn good time with the super sexy men that inhabit whatever location they are at. This includes mingling, stage performances and just viewing them in (almost) all of their glory while they wear next to nothing. 

Adonis celebrated their 9th anniversary over the weekend at a place that was their home for many years: Club Evolve on the Upper East Side. This was a spot where many iconic man in and out of the gay porn industry and even some well known gay personalities would stop by every once in a while and show off their stuff & moves to their hundreds of fans.

The party on Saturday night was no different, as several legendary men who have graced the Adonis stage came back to do it all over again amid a packed crowd who all left with a big smile on their face. 

This is a place that should be cherished for many years to come for any man who enjoys this kind of experience. Congrats on 9 years and many more. 


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