I’d Like These 3 ‘Drink Masters’ Shaken, Not Stirred

Photo Credit: @ice.box_mike on Instagram

Recently, Netflix unveiled its latest reality competition show – Drink Masters.

The premise is simple. 12 extraordinary bartenders gather in one place with all the essential components of a killer cocktail and bring their pour-game to the table. Each episode has a different theme and the lavish drinks the competitors create are judged by industry professionals. The mixologist who survives every elimination and makes it to the very end wins $100,000.

I’m just starting this show tonight because I’m a sucker for reality television and already there are 3 contestants who have caught my eye. Not because of their hot bods, but because of their cute faces and other areas that are incredibly sexy. Passion is sexy. Intelligence is sexy. Ingenuity is sexy. Creativity is sexy. Sense of humor is sexy. Do I need to keep going?

Oh, yes. This isn’t your typical listicle filled with shirtless photos. This is my appreciation post to the 3 men who I feel best represent the competition and could pour some sugar on me.

Michael Anderson

Loyd Von Rose

Tao Zrafi

And here’s one of the show’s host, Tone Bell, because yes. 

All 10 episodes of Drink Masters are now available to view on Netflix. 

Who’s your favorite contestant? What was your favorite drink? Let me know in the comments!

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