Identifies As Straight But Says Sex With Men Made Him A Better Person

Markus Kage (screen capture)

YouTube vlogger Davey Davey is interested in just about all things ‘sex.’

So when he had a few minutes with gay-for-pay adult film performer Markus Kage, Davey had some questions about what a straight-identifying man might have learned from doing scenes in gay adult films.

Kage was pretty forthcoming and offered these five things he’s learned doing gay-for-pay scenes:

• Learning to have better control over fears he might experience, so when he tries something new, he doesn’t freak out in the moment. Kage says instead of leaning into scary-territory, he asks himself what it is that might make him uncomfortable so he can process the thoughts and move ahead with having fun.

• “Versatility is key when it comes to sex,” says the adult performer. And by that, he means he’s learned to unwind his old mindset needing to be a dominant alpha-male all the time.

• That led to a discussion about whether tops or bottoms work harder when it comes to sex. Kage initially believed being on the bottom bunk was easier. But when it comes to getting ready to shoot a scene that might go on for hours, he acknowledged there’s definitely more ‘prep work’ involved for the receptive partner.

• When he’s ‘in the moment’ of having sex, Kage looks for that ‘something’ about his partners that turns him on and makes the experience better. He also notes that being textbook ‘hot’ doesn’t always make for a great sex partner.

• Leaning into the intimate aspect of sex, being more connected with his partners (versus just being in your own headspace) not only has made the act of sex better, but helped him grow into being a better person.

I know the gay-for-pay thing can rub some folks the wrong way (bisexual, whatever…), but Kage has a charming way about him in the short video – and he’s pretty easy on the eyes. Plus, it’s clear he put some thought into what he’s saying here.

Hit the play button below (language NSFW) and you’ll see what I mean.

And since it is Hump Day, let’s take a look at Kage’s Instagram for a bit of eye-candy:


6 thoughts on “Identifies As Straight But Says Sex With Men Made Him A Better Person”

  1. With all these comments, I think gays are the most hateful/cyber bullies around. We keep on asking for acceptance and tolerance but are easy to spit hateful words to other people. We should be glad that straight people are willing to cross our world because we are supposed to be “open” and “tolerating” all of you here that are hateful are the ones that are HYPOCRITES.

  2. Markus Kage:

    Please! You just needed was psychological therapy, not working in porn.

    No one believes your lies.

    All you wanted was to generate money and prestige from these people, profiting from their sexual and emotional needs.

    You are still a macho and homophobic pig that as you had nowhere to fall dead now you profit with the LGBTTTIQ. You are a great fool, stupid, conceited, false, poor fool, naive charlatan. That you were a hawk for wanting to be a dove.

    Whimsical, deceitful, womanizer, treacherous. I am an intelligent homosexual who reveals himself to be deceived by you.

    Don’t be a coward, have the courage to admit that you just wanted to make money with the gays and become famous thanks to them, taking advantage of their emotional, sexual and social needs.

    Men like you handle money. Men like you have a price. I want to know what is your price?

    Finally, you are not a “cashsexual”, you are an apocryphal homosexual who is right.

    Men like you only seek to demonstrate their “superiority” by having sex with gays only to reaffirm their fragile masculinity, for they relate homosexuality to feminine as something “inferior.”

    By the way, the term “man” for you is very short, because you are everything but man.
    In honor of the truth I have been able to conclude that it is not really love, what you feel for LGBTTTIQ.
    Look no! It is my heart who says “NO!” I am not a homosexual fool who falls easily, for I was not convinced by your words you used with Davey Wavey.

    You are a wolf that has always dressed in sheepskin, that everything handles at your own convenience, that you cheat and look for corners to fornicate.

    You are a wolf who has always dressed in sheepskin, who stalks, bites and kisses.
    You hunt, eat, fill up and leave.

    These songs describes you perfectly:


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