Idris Elba in All His Shirtless Glory Talks About . . . Does It Matter?

Yeah, there was no sound in that.  Just pure, raw Idris Elba.

We thought we would narrow down the following video to the good parts.  But seriously, anything with Mr Elba is gold, clothes off or on.

We will have many chances to see him, especially when Idris Elba & McConaughey Star In Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower'.  I'll definitely be in the theaters for that one. 

We'd love to thank Essence for their video Idris Elba in All His Shirtless Glory.

Idris talks talks to Essence about his groundbreaking Showtime miniseries and his new film co-starring Matthew McConaughey–and yes, he takes his shirt off. – ESSENCE

Here is the full ESSENCE piece.


We'd love to see as much as Idris as we can.  Not only is he easy on the eyes (Idris Elba Strips Down To Undies To Show "Cutting Weight" Results), but he is also an ally (Idris Elba Calls For More LGBT Characters On TV). 

Thanks Mr Elba.  See you very soon.

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