If McDonald’s Can’t Afford San Francisco, Can You?

Is one of your "Big Gay Dreams" moving it San Francisco?  Considered one of the Gay Meccas of the nation, if not the Gay Mecca of the World, calls out to many young and old LGBT folk to come and live the life on the gay bay.  I just had one of my best friends make the move from the East Coast to the Golden Gate city.  Finding a job there was one large battle and now the next charge is finding a place to live.  But how much is a good rental in San Fran?  What he was able to find that wasn't dirty or run down and was in a nice safe neighborhood is going to cost him roughly $4,500 a month plus utilities. Simple math shows you that rent alone for an adequate 2 bedroom in San Francisco will cost you about $54,000 a year.  For that reason alone, I think I'll pass on looking for a job there, unless it brings in 6 figures.

But what about businesses?  How are they surviving paying San Francisco rent?

 We know most Americans can’t afford to live in San Francisco, turns out some American institutions can’t either.  “Someone else owns the land. Someone else owns the building, and that person sees a better deal building condos condos condos,” Joe Eskenazi of San Francisco Magazine said.  “There’s almost no example you can come up with now, that isn’t too extreme of how expensive it is to live and do business in San Francisco,” he said.  McDonald’s is having trouble nationwide. Sales are down as people start to eat healthier, but that doesn’t seem to be the problem here so much.  “Though McDonalds is a wonderful villain in this town, it’s less a sociological thing than land use and real estate,” Eskenazi said. – sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com




Have you seen a McDonald's close down? The only one I recall was located in Greenville, Maine and that was due to it's location and very slow business.  But San Francisco's McDonald's may be shutting down due to property rental prices.  Also, with businesses, cities, and states being pushed to increase the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour, any increase in hourly pay will result in either cuts elsewhere or an increase in the prices of good and services. 

What does this mean for us?  Healthier eating in San Fran? No not really.  McDonald's being pushed out of the city is just another sign that large cities like San Francisco are just too expensive for some of us to consider living in ever.

Is your city like San Fran?

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  1. No surprise here. McDonalds

    No surprise here. McDonalds is based on selling cheap food, for cheap prices with cheap labor. 

    To survive comfortably your rent/mortgage should not exceed 1/4 of your income. So using the 4.5k number, what Mcdonalds worker is going to pull in 200k+ NONE. Even if you cram 5 of them in that apartment they are still not going to pull in 3.6k a month (That is 22 dollars a hour)

    Fast food is toast in SF unless they start charging a hell of a lot more for food, yet lets be honest who is going to pay 12 dollars for a BigMac?


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