If You Like Public Sex, Now You Can Go to Mexico

Things just got interesting in one of the busiest cities in Mexico. The City of Guadalajara in the Mexican state of Jalisco just approved a law that would allow sexual relations and encounters in public sight reports NBC. The only caveat, no one can complain.

The Bylaws of Good Government say:

Having sexual relations or committing acts of exhibitionism of a sexual nature in public places, vacant lots, inside vehicles or in private locations in public view will be considered administrative offenses, as long as a citizen requests police intervention.

So looks like if no one is against it, you can let your freak flag fly.

The goal in making such changes is to focus police attention on combating corruption, homicide crimes and not infringe on younger individuals who do not have the means to get a room. But of course, since Guadalajara is a highly conservative city in an even larger country that perpetuates ‘Catholic Guilt’ many feel this is a morality issue that will open flood gates for rape and pedophiles who could more easily prey on their victims.

Guadalajara will join Amsterdam’s Vondelpark as a historic location for public sex. One of the most popular public parks in the Netherlands has allowed public sex for over a decade and this continues to be the center of controversy according to CBC. As long as individuals keep their space clean, stay away from areas designated for children, and keep the noise to a low level, they can engage in relations.

h/t: NBC, CBC

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