If you’re a fan of Drag Race, you’ll love this.


My first introduction to the person that would become Mimi Imfurst was as I sat in the front row of a small Portland, Maine theater to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  I had seen the movie and recalled some of the music, but this live performance in 2002 would be one to remember.  At one point in the performance, she walked out into the audience using the seats' armrests.  Interactive performer indeed!  "Mimi" was an epic Hedwig and that role, that loud, in your face, in the audience performance is what comes to mind when I hear her name.  That's what I like about Mimi.  She is a performer and she gives it her all. She always has.








If the first image that comes to mind is Mimi hoisting India Ferrah (I had to look her name up), I'm sure you are not alone.  What I would say is if you have not given Mimi another chance since that wrestling maneuver or her All-Stars departure with Pandora Boxx, do it now. Watch this NSFW clip of Mimi during a roast of Michelle Visage on the recent Drag Stars at Sea cruise.  As in all roasts, no one is safe, even the queens that are not there.  Her comments about Detox, Willam, and Latrice Royale made me laugh a little too loud, and of course Michelle gets hers, too.  I did feel a little bad for Pandora.  The language is colorful and the humor is spot on!  Love you Mimi, always will. 


This link will bring you to a page where the video is a little more clear.








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