I’ll Be Seeing This Movie for the Plot, Obviously…

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Tom Holland is currently on hiatus. Chris Hemsworth is about to announce an extended vacation. Chris Evans’ character is geriatric now, for some reason. Where has all the Marvel Meat gone? Can gay boys and women alike find refuge in the MCU without a sizeable amount of muscle? CAN WE BE SAVED?! And then, like a candle flame in the dark, Aaron Taylor-Johnson arrives to save the day. Thank fucking god. 

Last night I went to see Insidious: The Red Door with my husband. During previews, I saw the trailer for Kraven the Hunter. There were landscapes. There were lions. Certified DILF Russell Crowe was there. That’s really all I absorbed of the plot because then Aaron Taylor-Johnson was shirtless a whole bunch of times and I zeroed in on that important element. His character saves animals, apparently, and like… I’ll yell at my hamster or something if it means he’ll plow through my wall to plow me. 


Just watch the trailer for yourselves, please. Do yourself a favor. 

Don’t you want to take a seat?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a 33-year-old father of two most known for roles in Kick Ass (and its sequel), Nowhere Boy, Godzilla and Bullet Train. He also popped up in the MCU in Avengers: Age of Ultron in an unrelated role before taking on the title character in Kraven the Hunter. Rumor has it he’s signed on to play Kraven in multiple Marvel movies. 


From what I can tell, the film version of Kraven differs significantly from the comic book version. The comic book version is a game hunter who lives to stuff and mount Spider Man on his mantel. The film version makes him into more of an antihero who will literally kill to help animals. 

Kraven the Hunter is set to debut in cinemas October 6, 2023. 

Now… Let’s take a few more looks at this England native, shall we? 



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