“I’ll Fu** You Up, Fu***** Fa****!”

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Another prime example of the phrase, ‘beauty is only skin deep.’

Celebrity dermatologist Dr. Alex Khadavi was arrested and booked for felony criminal threats  after he was caught on camera repeatedly using a homophobic slur during a dispute with a gay neighbor. 


According to TMZ, County Sheriff’s deputies were spotted outside Khadavi’s West Hollywood condo on Friday afternoon. The incident happened on July 7 in the condo building’s posh lobby and was captured on surveillance video, which can be viewed here

A man alleged to be Khadavi can be seen in the footage shouting, “I’ll fuck you up, fucking faggot!” He goes on to say he will shoot these people and later threatens to kill them, before taking his dog outside. Once Khadavi returns to the lobby, he continues to yell at the front desk concierge. 


Although Khadavi was not seen in handcuffs, inmate records indicate that he was arrested at 2:15 p.m. and released on bond around 5:37 p.m. He is expected to appear in court Monday morning, and his bail was set at $50,000. 

The gay neighbor at the receiving end of Khadavi’s foul tirade has filed a restraining order, saying he “fears for his life.”


TMZ also reported that this is not the first time Khadavi has made homophobic threats. In 2016, real estate agent and Million Dollar Listing regular Matt Altman obtained a restraining order against the dermatologist after he made anti-Semitic death threats towards him. 

Altman claimed that Khadavi approached him at a real estate event. When he was asked to leave because it was a private event, Khadavi allegedly blurted out that he “hated all Jews” and threatened to kill Altman. Reports also say that Altman has been receiving racist and homophobic phone calls from Khadavi for years. 


According to the website Meaww, Khadavi is trained in complex skin treatment procedures like Botox, Juvaderm, and Advanced Laser Treatments. The accomplished dermatologist also dubs himself an expert in most advanced medical and surgical treatments of skin cancer, including melanoma, and he is the founder of Advanced Skin and Hair, which designs products for hair loss, hormonal acne, and anti-aging solutions. With over 42,000 Instagram followers, Khadavi is widely hailed for his work. 


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    • This is what happens after a few too many face lifts and too much Botox. Gotta say I thought David Hassleoff had better tastes in doctors. If it were me, I would also file official complaint with California Medical Review Board. Or whatever the equivalent is there. Doctor threatened to take someone’s life. I would think somewhere around in there is a violation Hypocratic Oath. If this had taken place in Georgia, the Restraining Order is automatic, included with paperwork he would have been given when released from jail. $50K Bond is nothing for this guy. Likely would have been no bond here due to fact it would be Felony Charges, with Hate Crime Attached. I urge everyone to share this on your social media. This quack is about nothing but money. One look at him, says he is very high maintenance. It’s also been my experience that someone like this Needle Ninny either wants to be with another man, or already has been with another man, or is a big ole mo and is trying to cover it up. No matter. What the Lotion Nurse did in this incident is inexcusable and must be dealt with using every legal means possible.

    • Dude looks like a cartoon character 🤣 Had no idea who he was until I was reading an article about his Bel Air mega-mansion that was at auction because of his bankruptcy filing. He’s not even 50 years old! Probably was a handsome guy until he fucked up his appearance with Botox and surgery.

  2. Uh first off, he looks like a drag queen and wait till they get a hold of him in jail, lmao! The fact that he is friends with the pedo, Scott Disick just proves what a piece of scum he is. I hope they mess up his face in jail.


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