“I’m Gay, But I’m Not…” Buzzfeed Video Gets Heat From Gay Twitter

Social media users are getting angry about a Buzzfeed video from last month.

In the video, which can be found down below, Buzzfeed employees and friends talk about being gay but also not being attached to the stereotypes of being gay.

In a time where celebrities are coming out but not wanting to claim the label of being gay/bi/what have you, the men in this video celebrate the different kinds of gay men.

This also resonates with the men wishing to be labeled as just homosexual or androphile because they believe the word gay comes with a lifestyle that they don’t connect with.

But, it looks like some on twitter are not having it.

Twitter users have shared their displeasure with the video and think that the men in it are discriminating against other homosexual men. “So basically this post says, I'm gay but I'm not feminine so I'm cool,” as one twitter user noted.




That said, some on twitter have noted that the intention behind the video wasn't to discriminate but to point out that not all gay men are the same.



As with most things, there is truth on both sides of this issue. There are homosexual men out there who don’t connect with things like drag culture or don’t like to watch shows like Will & Grace or films like Moonlight. We should respect that.

But at the same time, men who feel that way don’t have to distance themselves from the gay community. We use the word community instead of just gay men because despite our many differences we are in this world together. When conservatives discriminate against us they discriminate against all of us.

Furthermore, it’s gay men who get the brunt of the hate and fight so that all homosexual men can have the right to love and lust after whomever they want.

While the video may have lost some of its message in its words, I believe in its intention to celebrate gay and homosexual men of all kinds.

Perhaps, “I am a gay man and I like this, that, and the third,” would have been a better idea.


3 thoughts on ““I’m Gay, But I’m Not…” Buzzfeed Video Gets Heat From Gay Twitter”

  1. I see nothing offensive about

    I see nothing offensive about this video. I think the evolution of the gay community needs to be accepted by us older gays. It's not the same world we came out in. However the younger generations is taxed with helping the rest of the world to see gay people as not in a specific stereotype. I think you should see this video and the people in if from the position they live in. I think what we went through bringing the world, or the USA to where it is today puts the responsibility of broadening the understanding of what it means to be a gay person or a homosexual person. See the future stop living in the past. 

  2. I thought this was hilarious,

    I thought this was hilarious, especially the guy who shoots guns and is becoming a therapist!


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