“I’m in Miami Beach with my new husband. God is good”

I have suspected that some of my Catholic Priests from my childhood were gay, but it really didn't matter to me.  They were who they were and they chose the profession they chose.  I wouldn't have been thrown for a loop if any of them had flew out of the closet.  But what if your religious leader was in a "traditional" marriage? That would be a little faith altering, dontcha think?

A church congregation in Queens, New York was utterly shocked by the confessions of their priest, in the person of Rev. Juan Andres Quevedo-Bosch, 59, who mounted the church podium to announce his homosexual status. He also shockingly revealed he would be divorcing his wife [73] and marrying a younger male lover.
On a Facebook post this week, the Cuban-born prelate announced that he got married in a Los Angeles church.

“I’m in Miami Beach with my new husband. God is good,” he wrote in a caption of a picture on the beach.

This revelation has reportedly affected the numerical size of the church as parishioners have opted for other churches within the vicinity. This was revealed to the New York post by an unnamed elderly woman. In her words:
“Most of the people aren’t coming anymore,” 
“Because he’s homosexual, people have stopped coming.”
In the same vain, some church members have also stood up in support of the priest who has opted to resign.

“I am aware that there have been concerns regarding my divorce and subsequent remarriage and have been in touch with my bishop and my congregation about them".  – tori.ng 

Juan Andres Quevedo-Bosch has stated that he will keep his personal life more separate from his professional life, but is there a separation from those two when you are a religious leader?  As a religious leader, do you not lead by example? Isn't your life the church and the church your life? 
And his church is an Episcopal congregation in Queens, a faith that does accept same sex marriages as a whole, but may choose to not allow the ceremonies to perform within their local church walls.  We will need to keep an eye on the health of his congregation to see if they will come over to their faith's majority. 
That was a different coming out story wasn't it!  We do wish Juan Andres Quevedo-Bosch and his new partner in life all the best for their future together.

What do you think?