I’m Voting for Pete Buttigieg

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It’s Not Because Of His Sexual Orientation! Mayor Pete Could Be Our Savior!

As we all know, the United States Presidential Election is a year away. Yes, believe it or not we’ve made it three years into the Trump Administration and survived. There hasn’t been a nuclear war and I haven’t seen any Russian police patrolling my neighborhood capturing gay guys, but there’s still another year to live in fear. In the meantime, the Democrats are throwing presidential candidate after candidate at a wall (AKA the media) and seeing what will stick. Humbly, I’ll say Elizabeth Warren doesn’t have a chance in hell to get the Left’s nomination. I recently laughed in someone’s face when said person truly believed Warren was going to win. Not with politicians like Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, or Beto O’Rourke on the ticket. In reality, unless former Vice President Joe Biden runs, I can’t even see a Democrat defeating reigning Commander in Chief, Donald Trump. However, over the last year, I have been incredibly impressed by the openly gay Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, who is also running for President. And you know what? I can confidently say he’s going to be my vote in the primary. Hear me out:


I like to talk politics a lot. I’m a registered Democrat, yet swing more Libertarian and love to boil the blood of the right and left. Entertaining the question if someone would date outside of their political party gets people’s hair raising. I slowly developed into being a Libertarian after Trump’s election as I saw I wasn’t a part of, or felt welcomed, with the extremists from both the Left and Right who I believe are a little bit delusional. It’s been odd to find a place in politics for me, a flaming homosexual  living in California. I have some conservative views, some liberal views, and often I just find myself seeing both sides to any argument. It’s why I have became such a fan of late Republican Senator John McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain, as she tries to educate others on middle America rather than spouting Trump diss after Trump diss (Cough, Joy Behar) without evening trying to find a solution. While I’ve seen Buttigieg often throughout the media, he kind of gets overlooked. Today he made his second appearance on McCain and Behar’s show, The View, to discuss his polices and if he is the candidate we’d like to vote for to run the country.

Some quick reasons why on paper I’m rooting for Buttigieg: He’s from South Bend, Indiana. I’m from the Midwest, as well. He’s already the Mayor of South Bend. If he was competing against Trump, would Indiana, typically a red state, turn blue? He speaks seven languages, including Arabic and French. I can barely speak English. He’s an Afghanistan War Veteran. I thank God every day I wasn’t drafted. Compared to Trump, he’s already over qualified to be the next President.

During his first visit to The View, Buttigieg discussed connecting with middle America, the need for bold ideas and a different perspective, and an urgency for different issues due to his young age of thirty-seven. On his visit today, the co-hosts, led by McCain, have finally acknowledged he is a strong contender to represent the Democratic party in the future election. McCain, an obvious fan of him, focused on his efforts to connect with voters outside of the Democratic party. Currently, Buttigieg is the only presidential candidate who has only been on Fox News thus far. He discusses he is a man of faith and attending church, bringing religion into the conversation once again. Religion was brought up in the 2016 Election by Trump and people went crazy over having a Catholic running the country. Buttigieg doesn’t force his views on anyone and he speaks as if he’s giving angels a bedtime story, even while calling out current Vice President, Mike Pence, for making his religion about sexuality when Trump has been accused of infidelity. Buttigieg wants to continue conversations on Democratic capitalism, compared to Democratic socialism. How he speaks to the audience, the women, and us, the proverbial us, is so soothing and I feel like he’s actually having a conversation with me. He’s not phony and it’s so refreshing.

As much as I love to hate her (or just hate her), Behar failed me once again during today’s interview with Buttigieg. She cracks harmless jokes about his last name, but we all know she would never dare joke with Harris, Warren, or Stacy Abrams. It’s clear Behar isn’t taking Buttigieg seriously, but damn it I am.



Recently, Buttigieg took some heat from the LGBTQ community in comments and headlines because he doesn’t watch the brainless reality television series, RuPaul’s Drag Race. You mean to tell me a President who doesn’t associate with reality television could actually be back in The White House? Sign me up! The last person I’d want in The White House besides the current resident is someone who would claim to be “gagged” by anything. Drag Race is a silly, overly produced entertainment for a niche crowd of people. The most viewers they ever reached were one million and that’s with heavy help from the iconic Lady Gaga. Do I want my next President to have a favorite drag queen who plays a clown on television in fake court rooms and parodies of films? No, I don’t. It’s already embarrassing enough someone my parents age like Thorgy Thor is attempting to make music videos and sell literal crap. Anyone who isn’t into reality television I’ll be a huge fan of, because I’d rather my President focus on foreign policy and the economy than his Drag Race Fantasy Team.

I cannot wait to walk into the voter’s booth and vote for the first openly gay presidential candidate: Pete Buttigieg.

Don’t forget to check out the second clip of Buttigieg’s latest appearance on The View below:


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