In A Video OP-ED, David Sedaris Talks About “Citizen’s Dismissal”

David Sedaris on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ (Photo Credit: Screenshot of video via CBS Sunday Morning Official YouTube Channel)

David Sedaris is no stranger to controversy. In 2011, the 63-year-old author, satirist, and comedian wrote an essay for The Guardian called “Chicken Toenails, Anyone?” in which Sedaris gives his critique of the Chinese culture, food, and the people.  San Francisco Gate columnist Jeff Yang wrote a piece for the SF Gate calling out Sedaris for his essay:

“Sedaris’s narrative is condescending, xenophobic and thoroughly venomous — a sweeping 2,700-word dismissal of an entire culture and society based on a few singular anecdotal experiences.”

Sedaris’ latest gaffe may be too much for some people.  The satirist appeared on CBS Sunday Morning in a pre-recorded video op-ed on “citizen’s dismissal.” Sedaris’ definition of “citizen’s dismissal” is described by the writer as “like a citizen’s arrest, but instead of detaining someone, you get to fire them.” Sedaris continues by giving a couple of anecdotal examples. 

The official CBS Sunday Morning Twitter account shared the Sedaris video in a tweet and people chimed in with their opinions. Some defended Sedaris, claiming it was only satire.

While others rebuked Sedaris for his remarks, with some admonishing both Sedaris and CBS for being insensitive during a time when people are struggling to keep a job during the pandemic.

The video can be seen in entirety below.

What are your thoughts? Was this op-ed brilliant satire or poorly timed and insensitive? Let us know in the comments or on our social media accounts.




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