In Defense of Kathy Griffin: The Hypocrisy of President Trump’s Misogynistic Bullying of the Comedy Queen

Make no qualms about it, President Donald Trump is a bully of epic proportions.  Anyone who criticizes or stands up to his policies becomes a target. Comedian and LGBT advocate Kathy Griffin found herself as public enemy number one for her searing political commentary on the Trump administration.  Her photo shoot for photographer Tyler Shields featuring the comedy queen holding the, obviously fake, blood soaked and decapitated head of President Trump caused quite the controversy. Griffin has since paid dearly for her outspokenness while 45 has remained smugly comfortable in his role as bully-in-chief.  It is quite baffling that one woman has been forced to pay the price for insulting a president that has used threats of nuclear annihilation against another country as diplomacy. Hypocrisy at its finest.


Following the incident, Griffin found herself being publicly chastised by the president and she took an unfair beating in the press.  Trump played the media against her like he was playing a violin. He conveniently used his family as human shields by exploiting his son Barron Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.  He claimed that Griffin’s photoshoot caused them irreparable emotional anguish, which seems a bit ironic considering he initially supported Syrian president Assad’s gassing of his own citizens, resulting in the unimaginably gruesome deaths of hundreds of children.  His much covered bareback sexual encounter (allegedly) with porn star Stormy Daniels seems more likely to have affected the first lady on a more painful level than Griffin’s photo shoot ever could have. Three words: pot-kettle-black.

Few public figures risked standing up in support of Griffin and she eventually found herself blacklisted from bookings and work in the United States.  Fearing any backlash that being associated with the comedy queen would bring following the controversy, few took the chance on hiring her. Fairweather friend Anderson Cooper distanced himself from Griffin and CNN fired her from hosting CNN’s NYE live telecast.  The network replaced her with snoozefest Andy Cohen; the result, trainwreck t.v. It was an awkward telecast that, without Griffin, lacked the charm, excitement, and ‘oh no she didn’t’ moments that once elevated the broadcast to must see t.v. The result was a splinter of retribution for Griffin and a missed opportunity for CNN.  President Trump effectively silenced Griffin and the time and energy he used to target her speaks volumes.

Misogynistic threats against women seem to be President Trump’s calling card and its women who bear the brunt of his attacks; just ask San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin  Cruz. The president, who was safely playing golf at one of his resorts, attacked the mayor as she was literally wading through waist deep flood waters with megaphone in hand trying to save the lives of Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria devastated the island.  She spoke out demanding assistance for the battered island and its residents; of which the Trump administration offered very little. The verbal tongue lashing Cruz received at the hands of Trump was indicative of her being a strong female of color.  Griffin joined the likes of  Carmen Yulin Cruz, Rosie O'Donnell, Megyn Kelly, Arianna Huffington, Mika Brzenzinski, Bette Midler, and Hillary Clinton who all found themselves targets of his disturbing vitriol.  The Trump administration has also gone out of its way to chip away at women’s rights and gender equality. It is evident that Trump simply can’t handle women calling his bull shit out and he is intensely intimidated by strong women who are not afraid of his bullying tactics.  

Griffin withstood the firestorm she endured at the hands of President Trump and things seem to be picking up for the comedian.  It was just announced that she had booked upcoming shows at Carnegie Hall in New York City and at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.  Her comedy tour is picking up more dates within the United States and there has been ‘talk’ of her return to daytime television. This is welcome news for fans of Griffin who have missed their favorite ‘diva’ over the past year.  Trump underestimated Griffin and will eventually learn that he never should have bet against her. She is poised to ‘come back’ bigger and better than ever, with an arsenal of Trump jokes to entertain her millions of fans. As Griffins star begins to rise again, Trump will have those ‘pesky’ indictments to look forward to.  One thing is for sure, the gays are eagerly anticipating Griffin's return with bated breath think “Diva, what are you doing?” Ball is in your corner Ms. Griffin and rightfully so.


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  1. Looking forward to her

    Looking forward to her concert here in Vancouver, BC on 02-JUNE. Treating my friend from Seattle to a (certainly!) fun night out.

    As for the article, it needs a bit of editing: "blood-soaked" (para one); "it's women" (para four); "Griffin's" (last para).


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