In His Own Words: Andrew Christian Is Not A Gay 10, But His Underwear Is.

If you don't know Andrew Christian and his product, Andrew Christian underwear, you apparently haven't seen any go go dancers in the past 7 years or so.  He's come a long way since his time on and publicity boost from his time on Bravo's The Fashion Show in 2009.  The more than undies designer was recently interviewed by Michael Musto from

If you believe the rumors, gays have been known to care a lot about fashion, but they happen to care even more about what they wear under their fashion. Thanks to that constant craving—and to canny promotion, often carried out in nightclubs—Andrew Christian’s underwear brand has grown like a gay fungus, selling a whole lot of product at his L.A. boutique, Nordstrom’s, and Universal Gear (in Hell’s Kitchen), not to mention online. As the underwear/swimwear/sportswear designer swept into town to do a promo event at the Club XL, I spoke to him about the support he’s given guys’ crotches—and the way the gays support him back.

Hi, Andrew. You really believe in club events, don’t you?

Pretty much every weekend, I’m in a different city doing an event. It’s a great way to reach the gay audience. I’m a tangible, actual person-–as opposed to a 2(x)ist or another company that’s just an underwear manufacturer. It’s a great way to meet the actual people who are fans or customers. It makes it a personal experience for them.

Among your biggest products are the Flashback/FlashLIFT and Show-It Technology underpants. The first lifts and rounds out the butt while the latter performs a similar feat for the crotch, correct?


Is wearing these things a form of false advertising?

I don’t think so because it’s not like a pad or something. It’s sort of similar to a woman and a pushup bra, enhancing what you already have.

So it’s not a shock when you take somebody home and they take it off?


Do you think gay men are more obsessed with underwear than straight men?

Definitely. I would say even more obsessed than women are with lingerie. These boys have a full underwear collection. Their underwear drawers are out of control.

Why do you think that is?

Part of that can be a fetish and a lot of them just like collecting them. Also, if you pick somebody up and you’re wearing Hanes, that’s kind of a no-go.

Yikes. Is Calvin Klein passé too?

Yeah. It’s like you father’s underwear.

If your father was gay.


Are there any other brands as cool as yours?

I get asked that a lot. I don’t think so. A lot of brands come and go over the years, so I’ve been the one that’s still standing. –

Do you feel the same?  Are Calvin Kleins and Hanes undies from the olden days? 

Do you react differently to what kind of cloth your boy's boys are in? 

Does a hook up mean so much more if his elastic band has a guy from Fresno's name on it?

Is Andrew Christian the best brand out there?

And as for Andrew not being a gay 10, I may have to agree, but my statement isn't based on looks but more so personality.  I had met him before his appearances on The Fashion Show when I was part of the organization he and his new and fresh brand was sponsoring.  Younger, energetic and ready to go, he was clearly excited about his product and seemed to be a good business / event partner.  When I met him a few years ago in Austin,TX, for that city's annual pride in September, about a decade after the first meeting, I was just another patron at the pride park festivities and the conversation was painfully one sided.  I had mentioned we did an event together before, but the conversation was awkward to say the least.  Who knows what kind of night he had so I should give him the benefit of the doubt, right?

As for a hook up?  What do I want him wearing?  What ever makes him feel confident and comfortable.  If those are Fruit of the Loom, Calvins, Hanes, PUMP, C-in2, Tommy, they all come off and land on the floor all the same.


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