In The Pink, Feeling Pride + More InstaHunks

Sharing some favorite Instagram posts from the week including Karlito Amarilla and friend.
Karlitos Amarilla (via Instagram)

Sharing some favorite Instagram posts this week beginning with Karlitos Amarilla, who found a pool party pal:

Curtis Fitzgerald served up this pool-side slow burn:

Paulo Batista channeled his best ‘romance novel’ cover man:

Evan Lamicella got wet:

Pierre Vuala totally nailed this current Insta-challenge:

Tyler James was feeling chill and breezy down in Cabo:

We’re not sure what Michael Turchin is doing here, but we’re just going to go with it:

Elliott Norris explored new ways to show abs in Insta-posts:

Matteo Lane celebrated 36 trips around the sun:

Felipe Ferreira found his Pride vibe:

And speaking of Pride…Julian Torres sent regards from NYC’s Pride parade…

Dylan Hall & Van Pham danced it out in Brooklyn:

Chris Cragg celebrated Pride in Toronto:

Gay Times shared video from London Pride including the cast of Netflix’s hit series Heartstopper:

Andre Chandler did the splish-splash at Tidal Wave in Orlando:

PJ and Thomas reflected on past Prides (in Amsterdam) versus Pride celebrations today in Tennessee:

And GayUncleMario had a whoooooole gay mood going on:

Finally, Sam Cushing addressed a topic that we think many men have considered at some point:

3 thoughts on “In The Pink, Feeling Pride + More InstaHunks”

  1. Once again, it’s only the pretty boys. A pretty body doesn’t make you attractive, but thanks again for perpetuating that stereotype.

    • Hi there – thanks for your comment. I’m glad you find the guys attractive as we do. I don’t know if “pretty” is the word we’d use, but we definitely find all of these guys “eye-candy worthy” in their own way.

      As you can see, there’s a lot of diversity represented – older, younger, furry, smooth, Black, white, Asian, Latino, trans… We also make sure to include all kinds of body types whether it’s the guys with ‘more to love’ like Andre Chandler or Chris Cragg, or the adorbs Elliott Norris, or the more lean guys like Evan Lamicella and Matteo Lane, or beefier guys like Curtis Fitzgerald and Pierre Vuala. Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading Instinct Magazine!

    • Cool that someone with no profile pic makes comments on visuals of other people. That was sarcasm. We’re sure you are pretty in your own way, so stop being a banal faceless keyboard warrior critic and share your picture in your profile.

      But it was good that you though they were all pretty as many comments from those in the LGBTQ community would have shared their issues with some wearing leather, some being bears, and no abs of some of these men.


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