In Their Game of Chess, Disney Just Said Checkmate

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Ron DeSantis is not a happy camper today. The homophobic Governor of Florida has made it his mission to erase any and all mentions of anything gay in public schools as he wages a fake culture war. Gearing up for a supposed Presidential run the 44-year-old politician proudly declares Florida “woke-free.” The schoolyard bully has sparred with everyone from drag queens to Mickey Mouse these past months.

Well, he is finding out that neither Disney nor the drag queens are sitting back and taking his ridiculous shit. The overzealous former attorney might be completely in shock today as Mickey Mouse and his crew not only clapped back but clapped back harder and louder rendering DeSantis’ hand-picked five-member board completely useless. BOOYAH!


This useless war started when Disney began publicly opposing the infamous Don’t Say Gay bill the wannabe fascist signed into law. According to CBS News,

“In taking on Disney, DeSantis furthered his reputation as a culture warrior willing to battle perceived political enemies and wield the power of state government to accomplish political goals, a strategy that is expected to continue ahead of his potential White House run. The new supervisors replaced a board that had been controlled by Disney during the previous 55 years that the government operated as the Reedy Creek Improvement District. The new board members held their first meeting earlier this month and said they found out about the agreement after their appointments.”



Local ABC News affiliate WFTV notes, “Particular focus was paid to one section that board members said places certain restrictions on the district until 21 years after the death of the last surviving descendant of King Charles, or until Disney abandons the resort.” Finally, a reason for Americans to be interested in the monarchy!

Is there a more fragile ego than that of the straight, white, male Republican? Disney beat the Harvard Law School graduate at his own sketchy, shady game. Could he have seen this coming? Just last week Disney announced they will host the largest LGBTQ conference promoting queer rights in the workplace this September. Disney has been in Florida decades before DeSantis and they will be there long after he is gone.

THIS IS OUR HOUSE said every Disney princess to the GOP hellbent on destruction.



One of the appointed board members vows to fight back and regain control. Brian Aungst said, “We’re going to have to deal with it and correct it. It’s a subversion of the will of the voters and the Legislature and the governor. It completely circumvents the authority of this board to govern.” Good luck with that.

Disney is stepping up, and going above and beyond for our community and for all Americans. DeSantis leads with hate and fear. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Disney — the happiest place on Earth. We need to choose happiness over hate and fear. Always.







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Source: CBS News

5 thoughts on “In Their Game of Chess, Disney Just Said Checkmate”

  1. When will people learn this one eternal universal truth: DON’T f**k with the Disney lawyers!!

    Behind Mickey’s smile and the “Happiest Place on Earth” sign, there’s a cutthroat army of lawyers that will take no prisoners. They can sniff out Mickey on a box of cookies on the other side of the earth and stuff the bakery’s inbox with copyright infringement notices, Cease and Desist orders, and licensing fee agreements within 24 hours. People think Walmart is the company that shuts down small business when they come to town? The Disney lawyers could do the same thing to Walmart. Now DeSantis thinks he can build a better mousetrap?! Ron, resistance is futile. Frame it and hang it in your office: DON’T f**k with the Disney lawyers!!

  2. Jon Stewart said it best years ago, different issue – don’t mess with the Mouse. Or in the words of many a drag queen of color oh snap.

  3. Desantis is like the running gag in Florida now. But I feel after reading an article about his wife, Ron is just a puppet and she is the puppeteer. But neither of them will ever win against Disney. They will find themselves in federal court if they try to fight this.

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