In This Together: The Coronavirus Doesn’t Care Who You Are.

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Harvey Weinstein: If any more examples are needed to prove that COVID-19 (Coronavirus) does not discriminate and can affect anyone from all walks of life and age groups, look no further than headlines of the past 24 hours. 

It was reported this morning from various news outlets that disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for the Coronavirus. Weinstein was recently sentenced to 23 years in prison for the sexual assault of a former Project Runway production assistant and the rape of a former actress. 

During the time of his trial, Weinstein underwent back surgery and arrived at the courts dramatically post-procedure, looking disheveled with walker-assisted mobility. Critics claimed he was faking his illness for sympathy, but if so, clearly, it did not work as he was ultimately sentenced to serve his time at the notorious Riker’s Island. 

According to the Daily Beast, Weinstein was actually among 22 inmates who tested positive for the virus prompting their transference to an intake care facility. There’s no word yet on how this new development might impact the remainder of Weinstein’s sentence. However, at nearly 70 years old, he is among the most vulnerable demographic – the elderly, who often develop the severest of symptoms and possibly death from the illness.


Placido Domingo: From Spain comes news that opera legend Plácido Domingo announced on Sunday, he tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Oddly, the virus is not the only common trait between Domingo and Harvey Weinstein. In recent years, the 79-year-old opera singer’s legacy was tarnished by sexual misconduct allegations. The scandal resulted in a slew of canceled performances and his resignation as the director of the Los Angeles Opera.

According to The Associated Press, Domingo posted the following message on his personal Facebook account sharing that he has mild symptoms for now and is in self-isolation with his family:

“I feel it is my moral duty to announce to you that I have tested positive. I beg everyone to be extremely careful, follow the basic guidelines by washing your hands frequently, keeping at least a 6-foot distance from others, doing everything you can to stop the virus from spreading, and please above all stay home if you can!” he said.

Spain is among the countries hardest hit by COVID-19, with 28,572 infections and 1,720 deaths.

Rand Paul: Whereas I am in no way a fan of Rand Paul, I’m not the kind of person to ever will illness or worse upon people, so I want to wish Paul well as he contends with COVID-19. The news that he has tested positive for the virus hit the headlines on Sunday, March 22 – the same day Congress convened to vote on a stimulus package to help ease impending national financial woes. 

There is a bit of irony to Paul contracting the Coronavirus as just four days prior; he was among a handful of Republicans who opposed a $100 billion stimulus package on Wednesday to combat COVID-19. Confirming for many that Paul is the devil Incarnate, the package he fought against, as the death toll climbs, would cover free testing, expanded unemployment benefits during the crisis, and provide paid sick leave to displaced workers. Seriously, something is wrong with this man? Then again we shouldn’t be surprised. He’s the same Rand Paul who in recent years has expressed he thought the federal government impeded on state’s rights when it ended school segregation.

In a further irony, Paul’s father, the failed presidential candidate Ron Paul, penned an article entitled, “The Coronavirus Hoax,” only six days before his son tested positive for the virus. 

So look, I’m not suggesting in any way that karma uses illnesses as a way to enlighten those who need it, but I also don’t believe in coincidence, so I hope this is a teachable moment for The Pauls.

Chances are, it won’t be.

Nyle DiMarco: Now, onto someone not immersed in scandal or controversy. 

Sexy Dancing With The Stars alum Nyle DiMarco shared the personal news on his Instagram that he believes he may have contracted COVID-19. Oddly, or perhaps nobly, DiMarco decided against taking a test to confirm if he had it or not, instead optioning to self-quarantine at home.

The deaf heartthrob model and civil rights activist shared the following message for his fans over the weekend, 

“I’ve been sick, and I am now on the mend. It is possible I contracted Coronavirus, and I have access to get tested, but I do not want to.”

Using sign language, DiMarco further explains in the video that his choice to not get tested was due to the reports of a nationwide test shortage. Putting others before himself, he expressed the concern that there are “…many sick patients out there who need access more than I do.”

Whereas I can understand and appreciate such a kind sentiment, to me, it’s a bit anti-productive not to get tested. If DiMarco does have COVID-19 and remains undiagnosed, he could enter back into social environments and unwittingly infect countless others.

It’s just my opinion, but Nyle, if you’re reading this and you have a valid concern of exposure – and it sounds like you do, please use your celebrity privilege and take that test.

It would be of great benefit to everyone and we won’t be mad at you because we know your heart is in the right place.

That said, I have to ask as I take into consideration DiMarco’s social consciousness, why does it seem the nationwide Coronavirus test shortage does not apply to celebrities?  Mmmmmm. 

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