Indiana Church Vandalized With Graffiti. Parishioners Holding Heads High.

As my roommates get ready to attend a service at their church tonight where the congregation will celebrate its transgender members, we hear of attacks against churches that support LGBT rights.  He's invited me to a very well known church / institution in the Fort Lauderdale area for a ceremony where some of the transgender members will be recognized with their "new" names.  What a moment and what a time to celebrate love, life, and living.   

But this building and community is fortunate at this time.  Will this cathedral have to endure any hatred like citizens have shown across the country?  Like some citizens have shown in Indiana?





BEAN BLOSSOM, Ind. (WTHR) – Parishioners found graffiti when they arrived for Sunday services at St. David's Episcopal Church.

A swastika was on one wall, "Heil Trump" on another and "Fag Church" all spray-painted in black. The Episcopal Church as a whole accepts gay and lesbian members, and a same-sex wedding has been performed at St. David's.

"We're all created equal and we are all brothers and sisters in Christ and a hug is better than hate,” Gene Niednagel, the church rector's warden, explained.

"This just puts in front of us exactly what we need to be moving forward with. We don't need to be moving forward with hate and when it is presented to us, it's an opportunity to witness. It's an opportunity to testify to the love of God," The Rev. Kelsey Hutto said.

It's unclear who is responsible. The Brown County Sheriff's Department was notified.

"To have this kind of separation from our neighbors is disappointing, but it's not demoralizing," Niednagel said.

On Sunday afternoon, people stopped by to hug the pastor and parishioners.

"Love conquers all hate. And that that is our response, is to be joyful and to be loving," said Rev. Hutto.

Church members say they are holding off on cleaning the walls, hoping that a good discussion can come from the hateful message.

"I'd like it to be a symbol of hope that there's a place for you, there's a place to be welcomed," Rev. Hutto said.

Eventually, the words and symbols will be erased.

“Yea, we will wash it off and we will continue…because that's what we're called to do,” said Rev. Hutto.

This is the first time St. David's has been vandalized since its founding in 1959.  –


If we are targeted, we must be doing something right.  Powerful words.  Keep celebrating love, life, and living. We will get through this.  Thank you for being strong during this event.  We will learn, grow, and move on. 





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